My Non-attribute Magic Is Weird – I’m Glad I’ve Been Reincarnated in a Game I’ve Cleared Completely, but I Don’t Know Any This Kind of Magic


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I’m a high school second year student! But my life came to a sudden end.

It was an ordinary day at school.

I’m a homecoming club member, so I always have a lot of time on my hands.
What should I do with that time?

That’s what I was thinking to myself.

‘Alright! I’ve decided, I’ll play that game!’

That game was a game I played like crazy one year ago, after I passed the entrance exam and as a rebound from not being able to play games at all.

“I miss it.”

That’s when I said to myself.

A lot of big iron pipes fell from the sky towards my head.

Rattle rattle!

I fell down backwards, too scared to dodge, closed my eyes, listened to the sound of it falling for a while and then opened my eyes.

‘Aaaaah? (Where am I?)’

Then I… no.

And so began the life of Mukami Amato.

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