My Father Is the Enemy of My Past Life?


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My nineteen years of life was taken advantage of by a fake family.

With the vow to seek revenge still fresh in my mind, I made the choice to live my life again.

Yet why have I returned to the night I was kidnapped from a burning castle?

“Hwelp me! Hwelp me! The willian ish twaking Maedie!”

My savior ended up being the enemy’s son?!
For days and nights I followed him to the enemy’s castle, but upon arrival, a warm welcome…

“Ack! Father! Second Brother’s picked up another living thing!”

…wasn’t what awaited me.


They said,

“You’re my daughter, do whatever you want.”
“Brother is here, it’s okay. No one can touch you. No one.”
“Liana, my dear child.”
“Why shouldn’t you marry your brother?”
They’ve gone crazy as a group.
“If I become king, I will give you the kingdom.”

Did I even get involved with a useless prince? Ancestors,how do I avenge my parents like this?!

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전생의 원수가 아빠라고요?
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