My Dead Husband


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Grandma arranged a ghost wedding for me, they let me have this kind of life. From now on, I will take a different path to any ordinary person. Although my “Dead Husband” help us again and again with our predicament. But still, who would just stand alone and spend a night with these phantoms, in order to “Protect ourselves” I began to learn spells · · · · · ·

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Date Group Release
01/21/17 Novitranslation c15 part2
01/20/17 Novitranslation c15 part1
01/18/17 Novitranslation c14 part2
01/17/17 Novitranslation c14 part1
01/16/17 Novitranslation c13 part2
01/10/17 Novitranslation c13 part1
01/09/17 Novitranslation c12 part2
01/08/17 Novitranslation c12 part1
01/06/17 Novitranslation c11 part2
01/04/17 Novitranslation c11 part1
01/04/17 Novitranslation c10 part2
01/02/17 Novitranslation c10 part1
01/02/17 Novitranslation c9 part2
12/29/16 Novitranslation c9 part1
12/28/16 Novitranslation c8 part2
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December 27, 2016
Status: c8 part1
Rather than the bloodcurdling feeling that you often get from thriller action novel, the feeling you get from this novel is closer to that of daily in a rural village where the tradition is still strong & people believe in superstition. It's not a "I could saw ghost & they become my friend" or "I could see ghost, so I solve mysteries using my power" type of story. It's similar to the old tales in SEA/east asia, so I think readers from those area would find the novel more engaging.... more>> Personally I imagine the village to be like this:

http://static. Panoramio. Com/photos/large/14682267. Jpg


Move to the characters, the MC is a girl whose grandmother is the local village shaman (or using the novel's term, a witch). She's promised to a 'being' from young age and seems to have spiritual power that attracted supernatural being to her. She's still a child, that means she doesn't always understood things that happened to her, and make a lot of mistakes. Quite a lot of her action will make you face palmed. For the time being she is protected by her grandmother, but it is not as if her mistakes didn't have any repercussion. The rest of the character have their own distinct feel.

I am not sure how the story will turn out, considering so little are released atm, but I will keep a watch on this story.
Mostly because of how real the character feels. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
December 25, 2016
Status: c6 part2
It's... normal, I guess? No, it's not a horror story. Nope, definitely not a tearjerking story either. How should I put it... I feel like reading a diary. A drama-filled diary. It's an OK story when you're bored and have nothing to read.

You know the type of MC that always make an idiotic mistakes and never learn? The kind of MC that deal with every problem caused by their stupid judgement with their mighty plot armor? Yeah, it's that type of MC.
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