Bizarre Terrors


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A mysterious murder occurs one night in an appartement. Li , a reporter, sensed it. However her brother An, a horror novelist, objects to her getting involved in this due to their past.

The day after , Li senses another killing happening, and while trying to stop it, she meets Jin, someone with same ability like her.

Now the three of them, including An try to understand what exactly is going on…

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02/24/16 a0132 v1c1-11
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lumiere rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: v1c11
This is a scary story, I like it a lot!

it's basically a story about a pair of sibling with a past that are running from something. That is until they encounter jin.

it's well written, with proper suspence and with proper ghosts!! I recommend it for people who would like to get some fright on a friday night :)
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