My Childhood Friend Cuckolded Me with My Best Friend, so I Decided to Cuckold His Girlfriend


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Kohei Yoshoda has a girlfriend who is also his childhood friend. She is a year older than Kohei.

Her name is Urara Uesaka.

She is very popular at school because of her great body and personality.

Then one day, Kohei caught his girlfriend cheating with his best friend, Shota Ishikawa…that day, Kohei swore to himself.

He will get his revenge on Shota.

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wickedswami rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Edit from 2 stars to 1 star after reading the alternate route.

Chapter 27 is the end of the main story and there are additional chapters after for an alternate route.

TL;DR - If you want any kind of coherent thought processes or reasonable decisions/actions avoid this. If you like completely crazy characters then maybe you'll like this.

Story quality honestly deserves 1 star, but it's weird enough to be somewhat interesting for a bit before it starts feeling repetitive and pointless. My biggest issue is no character has any kind of self... more>> control and pretty much never resists anything. I have no issue with characters being "broken" and falling for another character, like Confinement King or anything like that, but it's done so poorly here.


The characters can all "break" the other characters with pretty much no real effort and with a 100% success rate.


All of the characters are annoyingly wishy washy. The worst one is Urara (MC's girlfriend), tied with Sakura (Best friend's girlfriend), then Shota (Best friend), and lastly Kohei (MC) is the most normal and least wishy washy.

I basically had a book written for why each of the characters besides Kohei sucked as people and characters in a story, but decided a couple of short spoiler tags for each would be better since knowing the full story might make you lose braincells. Heads up, there's spoilers for the end of the main route in here.



She bounces around between being a s*x addict, Shota addict, and Kohei yandere over and over again.




She goes from Shota crush, to Shota r*pe victim, to Shota simp, to wanting revenge, to Kohei simp, to Kohei yandere (trying to stab Urara), to Shota yandere (stabbing and killing Kohei), to I don't even know (Sleeping with Urara in front of Kohei's dead/dying body).




He goes from play boy, to Sakura crush, to Urara crush, to Urara blackmail victim, to Urara simp, to depressed for betraying his friend, to Urara simp, to falling back to Sakura as a last resort.




He goes from happily dating, to betrayed and wanting revenge, to moving on to Sakura, to wanting to break Urara, to telling Urara they can be together if she gets an abortion, to dead.


This is a spoiler for the very last chapter of the story but really highlights how there aren't any real thoughts in the character's heads:


Sakura teamed up with Kohei at one point to get revenge on their partners cheating on them. This is fine or whatever until the last chapter. Sakura doesn't feel good in bed with Shota anymore, who is only with her because Urara cut off contact with him to be with Kohei, so she decides it's Kohei's fault she can't be happy with Shota anymore and she kills Kohei... Then has s*x with Urara right in front of his dying body and Urara, who seemed like a Kohei yandere, is just cool with begging Sakura to make her feel good right then and there. This is how the main route of the story ends... Just like that.


Update after reading the alternate route:

Normally I would see a story that plays out like this and think "Oh, I guess this is how the author wanted to take the story", but this one feels like a major miss. At certain points it feels like the author confuses themself and assigns guilt and blame to the wrong characters. This makes the story feel too unbelievable and leaves the reader unsure of what they should be hoping to happen or who they should be rooting for, if anyone. Major spoilers for the alternate route:


My biggest issue with this story and especially this alternate route is how Kohei feels at this end of this all. Spoiler alert: He's the only one left alive in this poorly named "Sakura's route". Sakura kills Urara and Shota then Kohei kills Sakura. In the final chapter, he is release from prison and feels bad about everything that happened up until now. This is understandable because people died. But then all of my understanding goes out of the window when he says that it's all his fault because he didn't just ignore it when his girlfriend and best friend were cheating together...

So this story ends with him killing a coworker because she was interested in him and he decided he had to be alone because of the trouble he caused. Neither route ending is a reasonable ending in any way and this story stays in the realm of insanity all the way until the end.

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Stompound rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: c26
Confusing, but interesting. Its not the best but I definitely think it's worth the read. I'll be finishing it. It's sorta all over the place but also sorta fresh, for me at least. It's also short enough. I recommend trying it out
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