Mortal Prison


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I am a tomb raider who had to resume my career in search of the missing Professor Qin, only to be caught up in a huge whirlwind and encounter many strange events. A night traveler in a birthday suit. The head of a dead body seeking revenge. It is inconceivable that the light is so strange. In order to survive, I had to transform myself into a guardian. The old occupation, everlasting, stands between night and dawn, against all the unpredictable existence of the underworld. There is a way in heaven, and there is a way in all spirits. The night is long, do not ask the way home……

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07/21/24 DragonTea v1c210
07/21/24 DragonTea v1c209
07/19/24 DragonTea v1c208
07/19/24 DragonTea v1c207
07/17/24 DragonTea v1c206
07/17/24 DragonTea v1c205
07/14/24 DragonTea v1c204
07/14/24 DragonTea v1c203
07/12/24 DragonTea v1c202
07/12/24 DragonTea v1c201
07/12/24 DragonTea v1c200
07/12/24 DragonTea v1c199
07/09/24 DragonTea v1c198
07/09/24 DragonTea v1c197
07/07/24 DragonTea v1c196
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