Monster Refining System


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After a deadly car accident, Xia Fukun finds himself transported to a mystical world with monsters, cultivators… and a gorgeous woman.

It’s a dangerous world, but fortunately, he’s blessed with a cheat that can create special beasts to help him deal with his enemies and even take on the prestigious background of his crush.

Watch Xia Fukun go on a thrilling yet silly adventure with his beasts!

Warning! Be prepared to laugh till you cry and moved to tears!

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05/06/21 Zenith Novels c14
05/05/21 Zenith Novels c13
05/04/21 Zenith Novels c12
05/03/21 Zenith Novels c11
05/03/21 Zenith Novels c10
05/02/21 Zenith Novels c9
05/02/21 Zenith Novels c8
05/01/21 Zenith Novels c7
04/30/21 Zenith Novels c6
04/29/21 Zenith Novels c5
04/29/21 Zenith Novels c4
04/29/21 Zenith Novels c3
04/29/21 Zenith Novels c2
04/29/21 Zenith Novels c1
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