Mob Wants Friends ~After Being Reincarnated as the Loner Character from a Game I Played, Somehow I Ended Up Becoming a Solitary Hero at the Academy~


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Action RPG 【Rusty Magic】

He loved that world and was completely absorbed in it, but before he knew it, he had been reincarnated into the world of the game.

However, he was reincarnated in a mob named Jinto, who had nothing to do with the story. He was a lonely character in the town.

Nevertheless, the fact that the world he had longed for had become a reality remained unchanged.

In order to enjoy his new life, Jinto used his knowledge to take action, such as saving his childhood friend who had already died at the start of the game.

As a result, he somehow became not only a loner but also an solitary existence who is looked up to by the main characters at the academy where the game takes place…

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Mobu wa tomodachi ga hoshī 〜yari konda gēmu no botchi kyara ni tensei shitara, naze ka gakuin de kokō no eiyū ni natte shimatta〜
モブは友達が欲しい 〜やり込んだゲームのぼっちキャラに転生したら、なぜか学院で孤高の英雄になってしまった〜
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1 Review

Jan 17, 2024
Status: c30
I'm quite enjoy this.

Very charming story so far, don't know how the tropes are for academy stories are generally, but this ones feeling fairly warm, and we still have well established tension. I think it feels that way at least. Quite like it even though our protag is a power house.

The world building sets this one apart.
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