Miya-sama ni TS Tensei


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The protagonist TS reincarnated into a royal princess which doesn’t exist in historical fact. In a chaotic era where militarism gained momentum. Sakurako-san struggles to avoid the historical history, even though she is about to be swept away by the currents of that era. Can Sakurako-san really save Japan from the brink of defeat? It’s a story with such thing. Probably.

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Miya-sama ni TS tensei shitakedo, dai ni ji taisen ga mokuzen no nippon de sudeni tsunderu ki ga suru
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Hemu rated it
December 31, 2019
Status: c4
I'm the current translator for this series. I decided to translate this series because NU has running out of good gender bender WNs which I have read and re-read for several times already. And, when I looked for TS story in syosetu I happened to noticed this particular wn which was shown at the Top Weekly WN in syosetu. I read the summary, and a few chapters (that's why I too rate it with 3 stars) and felt like this might be somewhat better than most of the GB WNs... more>> I found which have already been fan-translated (badly MTLed at that). Story-wise at least. I myself is a noob in Japanese and only a little bit proficient in english, but I translated this series mainly using Jsho dictionary and online translator to helped me structure the sentences a bit, and googlesearched any terms I didn't get. Anyway, I translated all of these only with one potato smartphone, so I couldn't continue translating it for the whole day, at best for 5 hours/day for 2 - 3 days per chapter because my phone could only last 2 - 3 hours while translating. If you are a little bit satisfied with the translation's quality, please drop a comment. Thank you and KEEP THE GENDER BENDER GENRE COMINNNNNGGGGG!! <<less
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