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There are two women with similar names in the entertainment industry, one is Qu Xizhi and the other is Gu Xizhi, because they debuted at about the same age, they are often compared.

There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that the relationship between the two is extremely bad…

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Gù Xiǎojiě hé Qū Xiǎojiě
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3 Reviews

New cly1212
Sep 16, 2023
Status: c41
I am a manhua reader first before I transitioned into CN novels a few months back, and this is one of my earlier reads. In the manhua they tend to make the characters cute and likeable. I think the manhua omitted Miss Qu's manipulativeness and just portrayed her as a purely lovestruck movie queen, so I was a bit shocked when I read the novel.

It was cute until it's not.

Two celebs with the same name.

Miss Gu, with deep rooted inferiority complex from being constantly compared. Can't control her emotions well... more>> and she has a tendency to get physical (once or twice with Miss Qu only). And her poor assistants sometimes get targeted by her misplaced anger too. (Once or twice, and only snarks but still 🙄😡), I can't help but symphathize and get annoyed at the same time

She considers herself straight and her introduction to her own and Miss Qu's homos*xual tendencies came as a shock, denial queen almost violently.

Miss Qu, talented, loved by everyone, girl magnet, but she only has eyes for Miss Gu. The rich young lady is like a race horse with big blinders, she only knows one way, that is forward toward Miss Gu, knows no breaks, needs ear cleaning because she doesn't know how to listen. Used twisted ways to protect Miss Gu, to the point she's willing to throw in somebody to the wolves. She also comes as manipulative especially when driving away bees that surrounds Miss Gu, using her top-tier acting skills. Obsessed with cleaning Miss Gu's teeth.

I must've missed it when I was reading the MTL but I think Miss Qu lacks a strong enough backstory, that even if I can't like the character, at least give some reason on why she's acting that way.

Some scenes are a bit r@pey for me. Or it could be just because of the unreliable narration on Miss Gu's perspective, she is a tsundere so, I'm not really sure if she likes Miss Qu's advances or not.

The entertainment industry here is portrayed a bit dark and felt too real. As an avid fan of celebs myself, this hit differently, thinking this could be what some celebrities go through. What happened to

Bo Yiqing hurts me and I can't get over it. From my understanding from the MTL Miss Qu had an indirect hand on that and she had no remorse, that's probably the biggest turn off for me


After that I lost the interest on Miss Gu and Miss Qu's romance, and skimmed through the rest, like I can't root for them anymore. The novel isn't bad, but there are a lot of iffy scenes. The fact that it affected me, shows Author's skills to influence through their writing.

I'm trying to this read again with a more trained eye and lower moral threshold, in hopes to make Miss Qu a little bit likeable, I'm the type to sympathize to even a scum or a psychotic character, I just need a good enough backstory which I might have missed during the MTL. I'm loving the manhua, I want to love the novel too. <<less
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New iToon
Aug 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I feel that the 11 votes for 1-star (without writing a review) and a single negative written review had truly affected this novel on many levels.

This novel was written in 2013 when same-s*x marriage was finally accepted in many countries around the world.

In my personal opinion, this is quite a good novel (still lacking in many aspects yet acceptable for me) that clearly depicting the inner conflicted emotions of the MC (a famous figure), who at time saw or negatively influenced by her society about the homosexuality as something... more>> unacceptable and foreign that she would never in her wildest dreams think that she would and could actually fall in love with another woman.

This is also not a fluffy novel that focuses solely on the 2 females because there were many drama/film contexts being discussed, and I did feel while reading that it was indeed excessive; but this was normal because I understand that author need to get paid for their works, and more word counts help them earn more money.

Someone sweet and naïve like the MC, who was clearly aware of homosexuality, but she just couldn't accept herself as a member of this group until it hit her so hard that she cared and had feelings for the FL. But then again, this was due to the manipulative love of FL who constantly appeared time and time again to help the MC.

Knowing that the MC couldn't drink alcohol, which was considered a flaw for someone who was making a living in the entertainment industry, the FL managed to deter many producers and directors from approaching the MC. This detail, despite being described briefly, I thought it was very important in the MC's career because she had gotten roles without having to socialize, toast, and look at the faces of other directors and producers. It could be said that the MC's successful career besides having talents and knowing how to act was also, partly, due to the help of the FL behind the scenes.


As a whole, the plot was lacking in my opinion because the MC's background and family was never mentioned so she had little to no growth development, such as admitting to her family for who she is or declaring that she is in love with a woman. After all, if one cannot be true to their family members, one can never be willing to face the scrutinizing views of those around them.

The MC was passive and was easily influenced by the people around her. Even when she took the initiative to make love to the FL was because she was warned by her best friend and afraid of losing the FL to other young actresses, and not because she felt an urgent need to love her most important person... The FL remained her innocence until the extra chapters. Not that I demand such a scene of love making between the 2 people to be described in detail from A to Z, but this act is an epitome of two people in love; therefore, I felt great disappointment when the MC only did this after her conversation with her best friend. I'm aware she didn't know how to take the initiative, that was why I found it rather funny and satisfying as she took notes and trimmed her beloved nails... I kind of forgive her for her ignorance.


Only in the extra did the MC have the courage to openly show her love toward the FL when she noticed another woman approached and seduced what should be hers alone. One of the MC's good characteristics is that once she realized she loved the FL, she gave both of them a chance to be together, ignored the threats from other girls coveting the FL, didn't care whether their relationship get exposed, and although passive, remained in love with the FL in the years they were apart.

The love that the FL showed towards the MC is one of those I hate to describe as manipulative and obsessive; however, an unrelenting kind of love. I never understood why the FL would love the MC this much because their childhoods were barely mentioned. On which occasion did the two meet, what unforgettable events had occurred, and what did the MC do during their childhood that made the FL admitted to herself that she was not a "lesbian" but was only capable of loving the MC.


What was barely mentioned was that despite of having the same name, the MC was leading such a happy life and was able to smile brightly and innocently without a care for the world when she was a kid as compared to the FL who came from a wealthy and respected family that was forced to live and act according to other people's wills. I find this reason was lackluster and unconvincing for the FL to develop such a manipulative and obsessive love.

This view may actually be a failure on my end because I was reading a MTL of this novel.

Because I read a MTL version, I might not grasp the whole picture of their stories as clear as I would like to. This was the only reason why I had taken the initiative to write this review in hope that this novel will get fully translated so that it could gain a better rating that it deserves.

Thank you "Loving Baihe" for picking and translating this novel on top of the many other novels they are current doing. <<less
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: c0
basically. That *particular* government's media censorship people cracked down hard and completely neutered the story/characters. You know the one. now instead of barging into the boss's office and kicking up her nine inch heels on the desk puffing a cigarette, the new and "corrected" version makes a big deal about how her heels are of a sensible length and she's sipping tea...

apparently, 9 inch heels are unacceptable, you cannot handle reading about such a number, your fictional characters absolutely must wear heels of no longer than six inches!! Imaginary lung... more>> cancer is a real menace, imaginary people could die!

It really gives you the authentic experience of having a tyrannical nanny state breathing down your neck, you can really just feel the holier than thou moral superiority of the thought police oozing from every paragraph. The sheer pettiness and arbitrary micromanagement of the most pointless of things... oof. thanks yellow bear man. can't believe I live in a whole free country and still get shafted by someone else's dictator.

Got a lot of really bad ratings. I can't help but think the real story was probably better. That poor author... <<less
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