Marrying the Coal Boss in 90s


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Cong Qi’s parents are from the class of ’78 who had to go through all sorts of trials and tribulations.

Unfortunately, the intelligence and excellence of her parents didn’t get passed down to her, but she did inherit a stunning appearance.

Being beautiful, having a stable job, and having open-minded and loving parents, Cong Qi felt that her life was pretty great.

However, recently, one thing has been bothering her a lot—her best friend suddenly became enthusiastic about finding her a boyfriend.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, her best friend even tried to set her up with her boyfriend’s close friend.

Being someone who appreciates good looks, Cong Qi naturally rejected this suggestion. But how could she reject it without damaging their already fragile friendship?

【Scene 1】

A controversy erupted at a construction site over labor rights, so Ji Hebei dressed up as a bricklayer and conducted a secret investigation at his own construction site. While crossing a busy street, he was stopped by a familiar and pretty young lady.

He was about to get angry when he heard her timidly ask, “Um… big brother, do you take on side jobs? Acting as my boyfriend for two hours, thirty yuan, are you interested?”

Ji Hebei squinted as he looked at her. This girl seemed a bit familiar?

“Come on, don’t waste time, acting in a play can’t be harder than your work on the construction site, right?”

“Is it too little? Then, um, add ten more, but you’re not allowed to push it further.”

The girl had fair skin that reflected light, and her loose clothing couldn’t hide her alluring curves. Her flirtatious, upturned fox-like eyes were sparkling.

If her gaze hadn’t been so clear, Ji Hebei might have thought she was trying to set him up deliberately.

Before he could react, he already had forty yuan in his hand.

“…Is this a forced transaction?”

“Oh, don’t say that. What transaction? We’re just doing legitimate work here.”

Cong Qi, satisfied, looked at the handsome man next to her, who was still dusty and disheveled despite his striking appearance.

She nodded in approval. ‘Miao Miao should give up on trying to introduce men to me this time, right?’

【Mini Scene】

One day after marriage, Cong Qi suddenly remembered something and asked the person who had become her husband.

“Everyone says I’m dumb, vain, and shallow, full of flaws. Why did you fall for me?”

Did he see through the surface and recognize her inner beauty?

Ji Hebei pondered for a moment.

Just as Cong Qi eagerly waited for some praise, he said solemnly, “I’m shallow too. I just like good-looking people, so we’re a perfect match.”

Cong Qi: “……!!”


1. The story involves a beautiful woman and a coal boss and delves into the entertainment industry of the 1990s.

2. The best friend has reincarnated and is set as the antagonist.

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Jan 22, 2024
Status: Completed
For me, it's not that bad. It's quite different from other reborn story but also quite the same. The difference is that the MC or the ML is not the reborn person but the antagonist. It's quite enjoyable to read.
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