Married To My Fiance’s Brother


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“Marry His Majesty Khalid.”

Renata hears shattering news that her fiancé, crown prince Isar is dead. But at that moment, Renata’s father issues an unbelievable order. It is to marry Isar’s twin brother, Khalid. But Khalid rejects his brother’s fiancée, Renata.

“Do you really want to become an empress that much?”

Renata, who did not even have time to mourn the death of her fiancée upon him, said, “You should have died instead of Isar!”

She finally releases the anger she had been holding back. However, the ‘arranged marriage’ proceeds against the will of the two of them, and finally, Renata finds out that Khalid actually liked her….

“If you miss a man who can’t be by your side, choose me..”

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약혼자의 동생과 결혼했다
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