Male Inferiorly and Female Supremacy in the World of Immortal Cultivation


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Fang Zhou transmigrated into the immortal cultivation world, and the first thing he did was personally cancel his engagement.

As a straightforward and macho man, he decided to cancel the engagement to a beautiful girl with a great figure.

In this world where men were inferior and women were esteemed, the righteous were women, the villains were women, the cultivators were women, and even the gods who created the heavens and earth were women.

Female warriors robbed the rich to help the poor and explored the world with their swords. Men, on the other hand, had to be cautious when going out so that they could protect themselves, lest they be robbed of their wealth and dignity, leaving them with nothing.

Transmigrating into such a world, Fang Zhou, a handsome man who was desired wherever he went, felt immense pressure. Girls wanted to play with him and even tried to capture him and take him home.

For the sake of his own life, Fang Zhou had no choice but to fight against women to the end.

“Get lost, you annoying woman! Don’t disturb my cultivation!”

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