Maison Billiette


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“This is something obtained in place of a debt.”

In the year I turned 13, my adoptive father brought home the most beautiful and unfortunate monster in the world.


‘No, Billie. I don’t know how to live without you.’

An ecstatically soft voice pierced my ears.

Despite the gentle tone, my legs couldn’t move as if I was caught in a trap, so I couldn’t run away any further.

‘You promised that you would love me even if I break down. You said it’s okay even if I become a mess.’

The man who had gone completely crazy hugged my waist affectionately.

“Even if I have to start over from scratch, everything is fine as long as I have you, Billy.”

Helios smoothly lifted my chin and whispered.

‘So if you leave me, I’ll start everything from the beginning. How about that? The choice is yours.’

What kind of choice is that?

… Those words did not come out until the end.

The beautifully crazy guy’s eyes were sparkling in an unusual way.

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메종 빌리에트
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