Magic Reform of the Wife of a Duke in Exile ~ She’s a Loser With the Light Attribute, but Her Knowledge of Her Past Life Is Useful


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The light magic is just a useless skill that can’t attack or heal by just shining. Branded as a disgrace to the duke’s family, abandoned by parents, and married off to a dangerous and poor duchy with many monsters in exile. Recalling memories of a past life as a Japanese person, she sets out to reform “light magic.” By the way, she’s scheduled for divorce three years into her white marriage but has yet to see her husband’s face. Oh well, let’s go to the guild and pursue my interests.

*Unconscious cheat: “Oops? Did I do that?”* *Misunderstood romance: “Just get together already!”* *Light is not just about brightness, you’ve noticed, right? Yes, that, that, and that too! Can do it all!*

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sonablu rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: c42
Impromptu poison tester here, and my takeaway is that it's not poison, but neither is it a great cake.

It's a typical mary sue story in my opinion. MC is someone with great magic powers as a child but then when she turns out to have the 'useless' light magic she's abused for the next eight years of her life and then married off to ML. But then she makes 'innovations' to light magic that wows everyone.

These innovations include... using light magic as a flare, adding LED type of light to... more>> the only two other spells in light magic moonlight and sunlight, using light magic as a flashbang, teaching another kid with light magic that moonlight and sunlight isn't just the only source of light (gasp!)

Call me picky, but if a magic system will be in the focus, I don't appreciate it being half baked and shallow. Because you're telling me that EVERYONE in this world have magic limited only to the amount of their mana and nobody ever thought of using light magic differently? none?

And for the past 42 chapters I've read, the ML in his duke form is practically nonexistent, says he's busy, but

he's free enough to always be in the adventurers guild as his second identity as the guild master everytime she visits.


Also this one is COMPLETELY subjective,

but the MC has a thing for muscles and she was fawning over ML's muscles as the guild master and then fangirling over the former guild master's muscles, and proceeds to make comments about another guy's muscles critiquing him for having large upper body muscles. And it made me absolutely uncomfortable reading.


So my takeaway is, if you came in here expecting romance or seeing something from the marriage/arranged marriage tag, It'll take you sometime of reading to get there. The same can also be said for the adventure/fantasy aspect of it.

Though even with all the above critics said, it's enjoyable if you don't want to think too much about it (which unfortunately can't be me because I tend to think a lot about the things I'm reading). But reading the author's note I can tell that they're trying to write their own story to be read by the world and I honestly appreciate that, the author's still clumsy and it feels like they're still figuring out how to do things but hell they're doing it, and it seems that they enjoy it. The story is still considerably new, it started in 2023, which kind of surprised me because this format of storytelling is something you'll see from the 2010's instead, but that's the sole reason for the four instead of three stars. <<less
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