Mad Emperor’s Pet Sister


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I became possessed in a R19 novel. My brother is the mad
Emperor of Aragon and I am the villainess and his half sister
who is also a supporting character, Isabella Belucci.

I thought I’d go back to the original world if I died, so I decided to go out of my way to rebel and get executed by Richard’s hands.

“Why? Why did I not go back?!”

Instead, let’s change the goal this time and safely make Richard the emperor. Then, my path will be a happy ending!
…With that thought, I stole the heroine’s route.

“Does Sasha really think she’s my sister?”

Why does the male lead claim I’m not his sister?

“Sasha is like a snowflake.”

Is the second male lead also clinging to me?

The novel seems to began recognizing me as the heroine.

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Tyrannical Emperor's Pet Sister
미친 황제의 애완 동생입니다
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Zaac rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c9
Her name is Isabella, but her continously wanting to be called Sasha to seem cute

and evoke feelings because that was the name of the ML's dead cat

got both confusing and old real fast. Either name the FL Sasha or name the cat Bella, but don't have the story flip flop every time it goes from narrating to someone speaking because that got annoying quick.

And I genuinely enjoyed the story too, or at least was just getting interested.
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