Lyon, Crash Landing


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On a midday in August, ice pellets feel like a gentle drizzle. Large and small ripples spread as chunks of ice fell onto the calm surface of the lake. Like the ripples on the lake, SeEun’s heart beat loudly. She tightly closed her eyes, deciding to glance at it just once.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”

The sudden confession was more unexpected than the hail that poured down. Ian, with a determined expression, responded with a kiss to Se-eun’s date proposal.

And so a romance in a travel destination began. They thought it was a relationship with an expiration date.


“I saw you first and fell for you first, so I asked you out. I like you more.”

“You don’t know when I fell for you or how much I like you. And it was me who saw you first.”

“When? When did you see me?”

“When you arrived with your suitcase,”

Se-eun remembered the time when she rushed to the gate to catch the flight to Lyon. Back then, she couldn’t have imagined that such events would unfold. In the romantic, pastel-toned city, she met a man who seemed like a gem.

“I thought a lovely person had become my neighbor.”

He thought it was a star, but it was light. Se-eun descended like light and landed beside him.

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리옹, 불시착
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