Lovers’ Times


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Sequel to Love Times

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Lovers' Times
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Love Times (Prequel)
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09/08/12 hiirowing c8
09/02/12 hiirowing c7
08/22/12 hiirowing c6
08/11/12 hiirowing c5
08/04/12 hiirowing c4
07/27/12 hiirowing c3
07/26/12 hiirowing c2
07/26/12 hiirowing c1
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keima rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: --
I thought the Love Time was the only book and was left shocked on how it ended good thing there's a sequel or else I would've totally lost it. It's not super fluffy but it's fun to watch Hirose getting jealous, mad, irritated and all. I loved how Arita gradually sorts his feelings and super glad that Kawakami advised Hirose about questioning Arita. I was just shocked on the last chapter about the seme and uke role, totally didn't expect that xD
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: --
It is a nice read. The links on here don't work unfortunately. I loved the character progression throughout the story. Was beautiful
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