Love Times


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“I love you” – Arita hears the confession from his junior, Hirose. Arita is shocked to know that the younger junior has been in love, and he is the love interest. As you begin to comprehend, everything is just hot and painful words. Non-pained facial expressions show occasionally in contact with a cold attitude, always in a calm Hirose, Arita starts to open your heart, but little by little -.

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Lovers’ Times (Sequel)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/05/12 hiirowing c6 end
04/05/12 hiirowing c5
03/30/12 hiirowing c4
03/22/12 hiirowing c3
01/27/09 hiirowing c2
05/19/08 hiirowing c1 part3
05/12/08 hiirowing c1 part2
06/02/07 hiirowing c1 part1
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