Love War!! Save the Future!!


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“Mankind will be destroyed in the future because you never dated!! I, AZE-05 Type D Margarine, will teach you how to love and become a man in luv~ I’ll make you the main character of an adult webtoon!”

A romantic gag comedy of Lee Nami learning how to love from the teachings of a beautiful futuristic robot.

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미래를 구하는 연애전쟁
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11/26/19 wordexcerpt c3
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11/26/19 wordexcerpt c1
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phreakinsane rated it
November 27, 2019
Status: v1c3
Its just started so there are only three chapters out. I'm interested in the story because it seems very unique to other WN/LN out there. If anything its like a romantic version of the terminator movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Basically the MC in the future sends a gorgeous robot to teach his former self how to love. Shes gorgeous, yet forcefull. He is an extremely introverted shut in (Maybe a NEET not sure though)

Personally, I'm planning on sticking with it until I can see where this is going. My personal... more>> wish is for the MC and the Robot to both fall for each other. So long as this doesn't involve any NTR or r*pe I'll keep giving it a shot, but I hope that the Robot and him develop a mutually exclusive relationship <<less
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