Love Me Just Once


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After loving his beautiful and cold wife, all that was left to Idren was her dead body.

“I hate you now too.”

Three years of marriage taught him that there was a deeper abyss than unrequited love.

At the end of that abyss, he traveled back in time.
Idren realized something when he came face to face with Ophelia from the past.

No matter how many times he fell into the deep abyss, it was his destiny to return to her.


He was a quiet husband. Knows how to keep the line and does not make unreasonable demands.

A man she wouldn’t be sorry to turn her back on at any time.

To Ophelia, Idren was just that.

“I love you…”

She didn’t know she would say something like this to him.

Kissing the other person’s cheek, which was stained with tears and wounds, Ophelia thought.
Have you ever felt this sad and heartbroken?

“I love you. I should have told you sooner.”

To the man who threw the embers into the cold sea, she hoped these words were not too late.

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단 한 번만 사랑해 줘
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