Living as the Hero’s Older Brother


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The Reincarnated Villain Raises the Future Hero.

[Living as the Hero’s Older Brother]

Pierced by the sword of humanity’s hero Klein and on the verge of death, Clayton R. Shane breaks free from the power of corruption at the last minute.

After observing the expression of regret and guilt on his brother’s face, Shane wakes up in the past, 15 years ago.

“I am sorry. I’ve been so cold to you all this time.”

“Big brother…?”

The days filled with inferiority are gone.

Now it was time to stop the source of evil that would destroy the world.

Shane’s plan to correct his twisted fate begins!

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용사의 형으로 산다는 것
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New azuron rated it
May 13, 2024
Status: c11
A great piece of work with excellent pacing, expertly crafted plot, heartwarming relationships and great translation.

The story follows a typical regression redemption trope but there is no annoying system or stats, status windows, skill lists or walls of exposition that typically follows this subgenre.

Narrative devices are employed and world building and character building are on point. Will recommend. 9.6/10
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