Little Princess Waits for the Breakup


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“You won’t want to, but please spare my mother.”

When her father died in an accident and her mother fell ill, Sabina visited the Duchess Charlotte with her father’s keepsake.

“Why should I?”

“I am the only child left by the Duke’s brother.”

Thus, Sabina, in exchange for entering the mansion, decided to cut off all ties from the past and live as Princess Charlotte.

‘The problem is that I’m destined to be killed by the psychopathic male lead!’

There was only one way to survive, and she must avoid him at all costs!

With all kinds of schemes, she claimed to be the male lead’s henchman and lived flat on her stomach…

“Next time, if something untoward happens to you, tell me right away.”

Why was it that her uncle, who she haven’t seen a few times in the novel, and…

“Will you be able to bring me tea so often in the future?”

…her grandfather, who she thought he hated her,

“The prince has a more handsome face and a better personality than I do. Do you really think so?!”

Her cousin’s brother, who was like an enemy, pretended to be a family member who didn’t fit in

“You just need to be by my side.”

Even the male lead’s obsession that had turned around even more than the original!

She didn’t want to mortgage her life to a psychopath!

‘Let me just blow it up!’

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소공녀는 파혼을 기다린다
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1 Review

Oct 28, 2023
Status: c40
It's pretty... corny? Strictly speaking, Korean novels mostly deal with dangerous and toxic relationships. And a gorgeous selection of psychoses of all stripes. Here we have a heroine who keeps forgetting to use her brain. Here the whole family doesn’t think about their brains, except on very big holidays. And the main male character is still extremely standard. He is handsome, strong and has terrible mental problems.
... more>>

The s*upidest thing is that the family could completely exclude the possibility of these characters meeting with one simple action - sending the girl to the village for six months. And everything will be simple, the heroes will not meet. And there will be no book. Is not that great?!)))

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