Little Monster, You are on the Wrong Set!


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In the deepest darkness, there is only deeper darkness…

The most elite hunters often appear in the guise of their prey…

Only a more terrifying monster can kill monsters…

A pink little creature, possessing a cartoonishly cute appearance, seems as if a resident of a fairy-tale town has wandered into an infinitely terrifying world. What should it do? Can it survive in this horrifying world?

Mine Sweeper: 1. In the later stages, the little creature will transform into a human.

2. Mischievous little creature vs. Overprotective Boyfriend

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April 11, 2024
Status: c134
I really like this novel; it's been a while since I've been so invested and curious about a story. However, I will not be finishing this novel, after finding out who the male lead is and seeing his personality- I just can't like him.

I hate how he got powerful so quickly and after getting rid of MC's father figures he started to control MC (at least from what I saw and felt from his actions of preventing MC from leaving and doing his own thing). Also, it's barely been a... more>> day or two since MC and ML met, IDK, for me it's just annoying.

I am also upset at the author for killing off that character in the copy (Idk what to call the place they go into to survive) where ML became powerful. I felt that he could have survived a bit longer... agh.. I guess I'm just annoyed and upset about characters I liked getting pushed away and most likely leaving the story completely. (I don't know if they do leave completely, I have not finished it.)

Anyway, it's a pretty good novel, I liked it. And although I wont read till the end I think you should give the novel a try! <<less
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tanni103 rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: Completed
It was very good. Beginning was cute and near ending was thriling and also very sad.

The MC is the hope of this rotten world. Its nice to see how he developed from a blop of slime into a handsome young man that follows his heart. His lack of common sense is also the main source of comedy and also his cuteness.

I was worried that with so many bosses surrounding him, that it will develope into some kind of shura field. But luckily not. Its just someone with a fathers heart.... more>> The romance wasnt much to be honest and ML appeared midway in the story.

Their developement was rather slow and ML was potrayed as someone rather sinister and paranoid hiding behind a mask of harmlesness.

I am happy that MC was developing from weak to strong and wasn't put on the bench by the author to be constantly protected by the big bosses. The MC is just an amazing character.

Those dungeons were really scary.

Sometimes it is nice to know nothing or ignore certain things. If you really wanna test humanity than you will have to get yourself some quick-acting pills for your heart due to blood pressure.

Ending was okay, but I think there are many unresolved matters in the story that were only mentioned once or twice but later ignored. Not sure if they have any extras, only read the main plot and didnt see anything else with MTL. <<less
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Ireadbl rated it
April 11, 2024
Status: --
WARNING: pe*ophilia, Age gap between MC and ML

Horror: I really liked it. The descriptions of the biological horror, fears of the supernatural, and psychology of human darkness made me have high hopes for this story.

The horror makes me really WANT to like this story.

... more>> I guess you could say the true horror was the pe*ophilia in this story, especially the easter egg. Hahaha

Romance: Sus age gap, pe*ophile romance between MC and ML. The whole "But they are actually thousands of years old in a child body and they just grew up instantly!" song and dance we see in anime especially.

I liked ML's character at first but with each chapter he just devolves into a paranoid Gollum. I despise him at the very end of the story.

ML also gets instant upgrade and it's explained as his luck of being an elite except author doesn't emphasize his luck during his initial attributes.


The instant upgrade might also be explained by the fact that MC likes him and MC is the super intelligence created by the one who made the infinite horror world and fake outer and inner worlds. MC might have subconsciously given ML god tier luck.


I really wish main couple relationship didn't exist and it was child raising all around.

I liked side couple relationship a lot more. They had more of a balanced relationship.

There were times I wished Qiu Nuo was the MC just cuz he had way more believable reactions to the horror around them. While I did sign up for some cute creature vs infinite horror action, it got tiring after awhile especially with constant and blatant annoying pe*ophilia from ML in my face.

I guess the difference between the beginning chapters and later chapters is that we can see MC struggling with the enemy and thinking of ways to fight and outsmart each enemy, which I really liked. After some powerups he's pretty much the mood lightener or comic relief, which got annoying.

Plot: I feel like the author changed it halfway, but maybe they just needed to guide the audience toward the conclusion more. Throw more clues in.


It starts out with the abyss and sci-fi explanations for MC. Then in in the end it becomes like the matrix where everyone is actually in pods dreaming about the outer world and the infinite horror world. MC is actually a computer program and not a sci-fi monster, that to me is the major thing that feels like the author changed things halfway because there's such a gap.

The dream has infinite horror because the Scientist felt that it would give people more vitality and make the dream more realistic. Ok, sure author. People usually can't tell they are dreaming till they wake up. You can make countermeasures for people that wake up. If you really wanted to make the story, infinite horror is actually virtual reality, you could have set it so that people do make it out of the infinite horror but they never know that they are dreaming. Instead you write that S ranked people die from pollution, making a lot of things hopeless.

I get that the MC is supposed to be the final hope for a hopeless world, but the process to getting there should be more believable. In all honesty the Scientist could have soloed the story plot if he was the one that made everyone dream. The author just gave him negative IQ plot pills.

I will say there is a part where MC is absorbing power from the skill fragments, which are basically computer chips. This was probably the clue in that he's a program but there is so little world building or explanations about that ability you could chalk it up to other strange abilities that the MC has which will probably get explained later but it never does.

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