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Ally level 8,6,6,6! Enemy level 6,5,4…0?
What the heck is 0?! Hahahaha!

Laugh at me now, the level 0 will tear you apart later!

The boy who goes against the world to protect his dreams. Cha Sung Jin, a professional gamer who had been accidentally summoned.

The girl who protects the world whilst throwing away her dreams. Ereka, the princess of a tiny nation in this strange world who has fallen into danger.

This is the story of these two people.

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Lebel 0 Maseuteo
레벨 0 마스터
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kelicant rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: c25
The story in a single line is "A strategist who makes every mistake wins because of plot armor".

The setting is the best competitive League of Legends player gets transported to a world where heroes fight in battlefields similar to league of legends (bases/lane + jungle/turrets/minions+jungle monsters). The heroes get to treat normal people however they want. The MC is summoned as a hero but has none of the hero power.

The story quickly becomes like a shounen, where dreams and friendship allow the MC to ignore the powerlevels that the setting... more>> established. In the big battle for the country's fate, the MC turns down the powerup that would come at the cost of princess' life, and then proceeds to use a mortal's strength to swordfight a hero who can cut mountains in half because he uses his "pro gamer prediction" abilities. And he wins because the princess' love for him lets her shield him even though that breaks their laws of physics. And the enemy that kills thousands of children and bathes in virgin blood is only thrown in jail and the kingdom is now happy.

The story is rather shallow: the MC adapts instantly, the princess falls in love immediately, the enemy is given a backstory to explain her actions which is never brought up again in any way, the citizens accept anything that happens, etc. The story can't decide if it wants to be a grim fantasy with the betrayals/raping/blood sacrifices or a shounen where none of the important characters actually die/ the traitor feels sorry and is forgiven/and the MC's motivation is for everyone to be happy and wants to win fairly even when the opponents are cheating/massacring innocents.

I'm not a fan of the story or the MC but some people may like it. <<less
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