Let’s Start an Inn on the Dungeon Island!


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The timid main character (male) is sent to a different world where only women can use magic.

He’s not good at fighting, but he will develop a deserted island with the given creative magic!

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Dungeon Tou de Yadoya wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou wo Moratta Ore no Hosoude Hanjouki
ダンジョン島で宿屋をやろう! 創造魔法を貰った俺の細腕繫盛記
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9 Reviews

Sep 18, 2022
Status: --
This is a series well worth waiting for translation. It's an isekai story with several unique twists.

The good:

1.) There's the shout out to the fish getting caught and offering the fisherman a wish as a boon in return for being freed.

2.) The male main character is a lonely salaryman working for a black company, but when he gets yanked to another world, he isn't reincarnated or regressed into a teen so he can have an excuse to be surrounded by lovely teenage girls. He is, in fact, yanked into a... more>> world in the Victorian Era, give or take, where the gender roles are reversed, and all the cultural mores, good and bad, that go with that.

3.) He does have a special ability, but he isn't OP from the start, and the special ability is actually pretty useless until he grinds at it for a good long while.

4.) The harem... DOES NOT EXIST. The main character does have several love interests, but it's serial monogamy, not a bunch of girls fighting over him.

5.) The main character is pointedly not averse to returning the affections of the girls he hooks up with, and the romances are all very well written.

The bad:

1.) Just like in the Victorian era, the "weaker" s*x is expected to be modest and humble, and the "better" s*x is very blase about r*pe, so the main character goes through r*pe events, A LOT. Even starting out his life in this new world enduring a Prison r*pe scenario, due to the magic flounder dumping him right in the middle of a war-zone with no idea what's going on.

2.) The main character doesn't show any LASTING trauma from his r*pe experiences

even after one of the rapists tries to cut off his penis

. Sure, the r*pe experiences themselves are written very realistically horrifying, but a day or two later and he's all back to "let's go flirt with the pretty ladies who have no problem letting me see them in their birthday suits as I tend to them in the bath." As opposed to months of curling up in a ball and refusing to go anywhere near a woman unless she walks on eggshells around him to show she's not a threat, and maybe not even then.

3.) None of the romances are ever long-lasting. As it currently stands, every girl the main character hooks up with has her way with him for a while and then leaves for one reason or another, leaving him heart-broken and vulnerable for another woman who wants to come along and flirt.

All in all, it's a good read and definitely recommended for mature audiences. <<less
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Sep 28, 2022
Status: c16
I rated it as a 3 star to be fair, but for me it's really a 1 star. The MC is really timid and boring just as the synopsis suggests.

I also really dislike the gender reversal novels where they take old Victorian era moral standards (men need to be bold and have lots of s*x, women need to be meek and chaste) and just reverse them. Even in worlds where females are the physically stronger s*x, I don't think males would suddenly start acting like our stereotypes of females. Females... more>> are still the ones giving birth, so even if they're more sexually free in a female dominated society, I'd still expect them to not be too casual (since no one ever talks about birth control in these novels).

I'm not sure how much of gender "behavior" is really a societal construct, but I've never met an author of a novel with reversed gender norms who actually sold me on that world. They always feel over simplified, like they just literally switched male and female without putting any effort into think about how such a society would actually play out. <<less
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Dec 22, 2022
Status: c38

Being h**ny isn't a personality. The MC is a wimp, and that is fine but it doesn't seem to go anywhere. His only apparent motivation is getting laid, even after almost getting r*ped.

The story presents us with some choices, and you can guess it, he always chooses objetively bad;

... more>>

Be a castaway or go to the mainland (he choses castaway because reasons idk don't ask me)

Armament or Repair (repair because weapons are scawy)

Having an Inn in the middle of nowhere (with there being r*pey pirated there)


All of these choices are fine in it of itself, but the problems comes when there are no consequences (aside from the consequences being a boring storyline) The MC is always presented with the solutions and is basically storytelling su*cide.


He lives in a deserted island, but his magic system gives him water.

He's unprotected, but his magic system gives him golems.

He's underpowered, he choses focusing on repair on your magic system; it doesn't matter he can make more golems (free of cost almost!)

He escaped prison with the princess of the opposing team, no search parties are send.

The r*pey pirates stab their captain... and then just leave? they don't search for her body or clash with the MC

The funniest part is that he feels lonely, yeah he feels lonely in the deserted island he chose to live on. Does he act on this by asking to be flown of shipped or whatever to the mainland? no


We are presented with this rare and quirky world to explore, but the MC wants to live alone in a deserted island. And we're not meeting another male character because men can't go on boats because of bad luck.

The main problem this has is being boring, plain and simple. The magic system is one of the most uninspired I had the pleasure to read (its main cost is time, he searches for stuff and it makes it for him. really cool huh?) The character arc is a character flatline. There are no consequences. His choices are boring. He is unmotivated. And there's basically no conflict despite the apparent civil war or war or something I don't remember (no spoiler this is dropped almost immediately)


Also if you have a timid and wimpy MC do NOT keep him in his confort zone, don't give him the choice.

Like with him choosing repair over nukes!

You HAVE to create conflict otherwise the story stagnates. <<less
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Sep 04, 2023
Status: --
Currently on the latest chapter. Honestly, Its is quite disappointing as an Isekai, and every other genre it has under it's belt. The series undermines it's own premise, it baits the reader to want to know about the world and despite that it fools around even when dealing with subjects like r*pe. The protagonist doesn't have a firm sense of self, or what you would call an ego and is more wishy washing to a super extreme than the worst harem novel you've probably read, and believe me. I've read... more>> them all.

The series imports a Male from our world to a world where women not only have access to magic but have brute force that surpasses gorillas and the males are very much feminine and whatnot but the series denies any form of way the character could stand out via in contrast to the native males outside of whoring himself out for s*x. He doesn't have any sort of firm beliefs and actively readily subject himself to changes to his personality to be like the males of the new world negating the need to ship him there on the first place. He destroys a romance with a character who is a Vampire because he would change as a person due to the nature of a contract yet he readily for the sake of fitting in acts in a way that basically parodies the stereotypical expected behavior of a homos*xual man despite being straight.

He despite having access to creating magic which by in large encompass magic tools and magical potions doesn't seek to power himself via new powers of reinforcing his body and actively depends on the heroines on pathetic ways with no desire for introspection to develop himself as a person.

every person who is his friend is a common victim of the empire yet he embarks on journeys with the heroines to give weapons to said empire which would be or could be used to kill the very same heroines.

Honestly I've astounded with the rating here on the first place. <<less
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Aug 01, 2023
Status: c120
Very interesting setting and it was fun to read.

But the author focuses too much on the negative side of s*xual anxiety. For example, the hero who learned the gazing or fierce compliments reconsidered his masculine behavior on earth. I mean - don't even women gawk or make le*d comments? It's just that men won't be embarrassed by it.

While I loved the plot and the relationship, in the end it followed the same pattern - he rescues the girl (or she saves him), fawns over her, and then sleeps with her.... more>> Then separates and stays faithful despite everything until he meets a new one.

Although the story starts with a bunch of s*x, later on he's very reserved even though there are stimuli all around, and when he decides to return the artifact - you stop understanding his motives altogether.

The biggest problem is the lack of a global plan. Even his inn near the end is abandoned (even though it's in the title). His skills break any common sense and he starts using them in a very flashy way.

And the biggest disappointment is that in 2022, only one chapter (120) was written and that was it. The author has a bunch of other projects and this one isn't updated. <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: c74
This is funny and worthwhile to read.

If you like to read about big b**bs, different kinds of ladies, not so op MC but handy skills like creation magic, and chill story this is meant for you.

I liked it! Waiting for the next chapter!
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Jan 19, 2024
Status: c120
The biggest issue with this is the MC. There are limits to how absolutely s*upid a main character can be. He's not dense or timid like most JP protagonists. He's just so dumb to the point that you question why you are wasting your time reading his story. I think the author has this twisted idea that making him mentally challenged will make him more charming.... But he just does not pull it off at all.

Nearly all of his plans for the future in this make 0 sense while also... more>> willfully endangering the friends he has made in the past. His morals are so inconsistent that it will give you whiplash. And his antics are much less silly and more like something you would expect a monkey at a zoo to do.

Funny/interesting premise. Held back greatly by such a bad main character. <<less
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Jan 04, 2024
Status: c120
This is good isekai novel for a light read. MC is in the world where Females are dominant. For him it's like a all you can eat buffet, but even thought he has Lots of relationship with women he has principals and sleeps with the right girls only. There are small minuses so I rank it 4. What irks me is that MC is potent in his problem solving skills. But sometimes his character simply irritates with his wuss and pacifist side. Especially in the latest chapters where all he... more>> needs is to make a decisive move yet he simply sits and wait to see what will happen. It early chapters he uncover that he has best assassination 1 hit kill skill. Yet he better gets trampled, beaten, drugged, tortured, and ALMOST r*ped, but never make the decisive move. But over all story development is interesting and humor and jokes are good. <<less
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Dec 24, 2022
Status: c120
It's mostly a slice of life story with decent world building. The ecchi, action and adventure are secondary until most of the way through the story, at which point it becomes a bit more of an adventure story.

Overall it was an enjoyable read. As of chapter 120 it seems to have gone on hiatus, probably because of the manga.

... more>>

On a personal note I don't like the last arc. I realize that the villain of the last ark really was a villain, but it sounds like she had become twisted because of how her family treated her. She made her own decisions, but I still feel bad for her.

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