Last Embryo


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Latest work of the super popular “Mondaiji Series”!!

Saigou Homura – a youth holding a “little” unique ability received a single mail. The moment he opened that mail, Homura was summoned to another world! It was a world ruled by the games of Gods and Demons called Gift Games. Homura, who met a lovely usamimi loli Kuro Usagi, has unexpectedly ended up participating in a super large scaled Gift Game!? He, along with Ayazato Suzuka and Kudou Ayato, who were summoned together with him and Izayoi Sakamaki, who he reunited with after 5 years, will challenge the Game of Fighting Gods and Buddhas that even rolled up the real world in it!!

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/19/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part7
10/15/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part6
10/11/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part5
10/07/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part4
10/03/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part3
09/30/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part2
09/25/23 Light Novels Translations v5c2 part1
09/21/23 Light Novels Translations v5 interlude part2
09/17/23 Light Novels Translations v5 interlude part1
09/13/23 Light Novels Translations v5c1 part11
09/09/23 Light Novels Translations v5c1 part10
09/05/23 Light Novels Translations v5c1 part9
09/01/23 Light Novels Translations v5c1 part8
08/28/23 Light Novels Translations v5c1 part7
08/25/23 Light Novels Translations v5c1 part6
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Roby1610 rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: v3 epilogue
This is quite the intresting series. At first glance it looks like your typical isekai, but soon you find out just how difrent it is. Its original, problem childrean, is just amazing. I always love it when there are multiple main charactwrs in a story and this one is an excelent example of that. Whether it be rich girl Asuka, the weird, yet charming Yo and one of the best characters in any novel I have ever read, Izayoi. Their dynamic makes it so that the series can have main... more>> characters that grow both in power and character, while also having that op MC isekais are known for and it works perfectly. Its honestly such an awesome story and the side characters are just as amazing. Also black rabbit makes the whole group dynamic perfect. But there is a problem. The series gets way too full of itself with last embryo. Its not bad or anything, but god dam did it lose its charm. It wasnt such a good idea to change up the main cast and the new trio just doesnt work nearly as well. Izayoi gets a lot of sceen time still, but he honestly feels downgraded. Homura isnt a bad protagonist and him being Izayois real brother is cool, but god dam he just aint Izayoi. Same goes for the other 2. You do fix what isnt broken and you dont change what works. Still this isnt all that bad, but there are also the gods. Quite honestly I dont really like indian mythology. I consider greek, norse and egyptian to be far more intresring. Hell Christianity and the other monotheistic faiths are far more fascinating. I dunno why the Indian one is the most represented, though that in itself is more just a minor complaint I have (similar to how id like there to be romance aka irrelevent really). What does bug me is how they try to combine technology into this and the fact they can go back and forth between worlds. I never liked combining science with magic, unless they are 100% combined (like irregular at magical high) and while traveling between worlds sounds cool in theory, its annoying at best and is used as an excuse for why the best character in the story (Izayoi) isnt really present in the main plot. Not to say that Last embryo is all bad, but it cant compare to what came before. Well I do believe the story will pick up steam in the future volumes, but for now im stuck with a somewhat bitter opinion of last embryo. Still I give it a 5 because whatcame before is very close to perfection.

Now my complaints to the translations. 1 its too slow. 2 the chapters are split into way too many parts. And 3 why the hell did you not continue translating from where the last translator ended. I remember there was a poll to decide if the translators will start from the beginning or just continue where the last one quit, but god dam how the hell did the start from scratch win. Seriously who the hell voted for that crap. The old translations werent even bad. I cant really complain too much cause it is free, but still.

Well thats all. I dont really know why anybody would read all that garbage I had to say, but if you did congrats. Well I hoppe to be able to change my review up a bit in the future, untill then I recomend you go read problem childrean and if you really liked it read this. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: V1C4
Loved the background but I couldnt wrap my head around what happened later :/ it ruined the feel I felt when it seemed like random stuff was added
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