Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari -Munou Mahou ga Benri Mahou ni-


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“Need magic power and aptitude to use magic”

I knew this in my childhood. But I still do not know the aptitude magic …. So I should train my magic until I understand it! And every day, I, in my free time, kept silent on my magic in my own way …. And as time passes, they now know that my aptitude magic is “creation magic”.

I was delighted to think that creation magic is a hit. However, the surrounding adults were sad when they knew that it was creation magic … for some reason …. “Creation magic is rare, but it’s considered incompetent magic.” Apparently, creation magic seems to be an incompetent magic that wastes the use of magic and can not make even simple things.

I tried actually … but I could not really create anything. However, while trying repeatedly, I found a secret about creation magic. Furthermore, using the magic that has been trained so far, I will turn my incompetent magic into useful magic!

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Continuity is the Father of Magical Power
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May 23, 2019
Status: c122
For better or worse, a typical Japanese WN/LN with a typical Japanese MC.

There is some action and adventure, but not enough to warrant the genre tags. It's more item crafting, slice of life, and harem antics with some territory building later on. Note that the MC by c122 is still too young to really do anything fun with his harem, so it's mostly him getting dragged around by them. Problems are typically easily solved with some item he has prepared for just this situation.

If you tend to like Japanese fantasy... more>> WNs with typical MCs and typical harems, you'll probably be OK reading this. Otherwise you'll probably want to pass. <<less
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Kevadu rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c24
Ugh, this is tr*sh. Stay away.

OK, the premise didn't sound amazing or anything but I thought it might be a decent enough light read. And the beginning wasn't half bad... good enough that I actually read ahead in the raws a bit. Now I regret doing that because it was truly a waste of time.

This suffers from a problem that a lot of webnovels seem to suffer from: making the MC too absurdly OP too quickly. I swear sometimes it feels like different authors are in a competition to have... more>> the most over-the-top MC. And it's dumb because they inevitably end up writing themselves into a corner.

So here we have an MC who is still 8 years old but has stats so high they need to be expressed in scientific notation. He has already surpassed the abilities of even history's strongest heroes by orders of magnitude... and again, he's still 8 years old. Sure there is this whole thing about how he has creation magic which people think is useless (because they'll all complete morons apparently, the 'secret' to making it useful is one of those things that really should have been kind of obvious but somehow nobody ever figured it out until now), but that's not even the only kind of magic he can use and his raw stats are so high it feels totally irrelevant. He doesn't actually need to use it at all... he still does because making a bunch of BS OP items on top of his s*upidly high stats makes him even more OP, but the thing is there isn't really anything to use all this OPness against.

I actually wish there was more focus on crafting but other than the MC pulling the occasional absurdly overpowered item out of his ass there really isn't much. There is no real lore or reasoning behind it, just a series of deus de machina to suit whatever the lazy writer needs or just felt like having because why not.

Look even with me reading ahead in the raws it's not like I got that far so maybe something will dramatically change later on... but I seriously doubt it. I've read too many stories like this already to have any faith that the author is capable of turning things around but somehow didn't predict these problems in the first place. This tr*sh is not worth any more of my time. <<less
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ziethe rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: c234
It's a really good novel, highly recommended, even though I myself am not good with evil plots, world ending schemes, and all that kind of dark side of stories where you can't see an end to MC's struggle (I prefer OP MC that easily destroys evil plots unknowingly xD), this one has just the right amount of despair and hope that I can barely stand withouth getting anxious xD

... more>>

At this point of the novel (c234), it is good thing that author nerfed the MC's ultra super power when the OP enemies start making their moves


I may not update this comment again cause I may forget, so 100 more chaps to go xD <<less
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