Karada wo Ubawareta Watashi to, Madoushi no Papa


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My body was snatched away before I realised. Despairing as I became a spirit, I began to vanish.

However, in that moment I met Papa – the sorcerer Dionore.

「 Instead of vanishing let me use you for my research 」

I nodded to Papa’s words, and was used by Papa.

This is a story that spells out the daily lives of Papa and I.

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New Dhaturas rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: c175
This story is a fresh take on the tired old trope of reincarnating into an otome game as the villainess.

The twist is that the MC is the disembodied soul of the original villainess who was replaced by the reincarnator. The premise is that she is found by a wandering sorcerer who gives her a new life as his daughter.

The beginning was interesting but from there it starts to fall into a slow descent into tedious slice of life antics. The story is a victim of the common Japanese stereotype of... more>> being too slice of life that it becomes boring.

If you read the story with the expectation of intriguing dynamics between the original and replaced villainess, you would be sorely disappointed.

So, if you read this story, expect an exceedingly thorough look at the childhood development of a girl who's been an unseen ghost for 2 years, learning how to be a proper kid again with a stoic doting father.

The best parts for me are the intermission chapters following the reincarnated villainess. Which is funny because in a standard Web novel, she would be the protagonist. <<less
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