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Akira, who worked like a horse at a black company, woke up in the wilderness of another world. He was given the cheat ability to purchase modern goods. Akira wanted to live modestly, but people around him who knew his SHOP ability didn’t allow him to. Thanks to his ability, Akira is involved with all kinds of people. Now in the wilderness of a different world, he will have to survive with his ability, fists and money.

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Date Group Release
03/20/24 GalaxyTL v1c51 part2
03/20/24 GalaxyTL v1c51 part1
03/17/24 GalaxyTL v1c50 part2
03/17/24 GalaxyTL v1c50 part1
03/15/24 GalaxyTL v1c49
03/13/24 GalaxyTL v1c48 part2
03/13/24 GalaxyTL v1c48 part1
03/11/24 GalaxyTL v1c47 part2
03/11/24 GalaxyTL v1c47 part1
03/08/24 GalaxyTL v1c46 part2
03/08/24 GalaxyTL v1c46 part1
03/08/24 GalaxyTL v1c45 part2
03/08/24 GalaxyTL v1c45 part1
03/08/24 GalaxyTL v1c44
02/28/24 GalaxyTL v1c43
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New simak rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: v1c28 part1
The intro pulled me in and the set-up could have turned into a great story. However, most of the heavy lifting devolves into the abuse of the cheat powers. Also the secondary characters are very simple verging on crude. By the point that I read up to, the story was middle of the road and the MC's development seemed to have hit a hard plateou.
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