Kami-sama no Memochou


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“I am not an ordinary detective, but a NEET detective. Searching the whole world to locate the words of the dead.”

The NEET Detective leading the NEETs who gathered in the dark alley – Alice said that.

The perplexing incident that Ayaka and I were wound into during the winter of my first year at high school, and also the malicious drug ‘Angel Fix’ that corroded the city, the mystery was unraveled by the detective girl Alice who doesn’t take even one step out of her room.

“Knowing the truth might destroy the tranquil life of your past, do you wish to know even so?”

Because of my answer, the NEETs who usually do nothing were mobilized to solve the case!

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Heaven's Memo Pad
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Shio rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: v7c2
I am really happy to find that this novel is completely translated. Thanks to the translator at Baka tsuki for translating this novel until it's finished.

Now, there's two things I dislike from the novel:

1) the main detective is a neet loli

2) the said loli is a walking mass of trope.

But other than that, I found myself to have a soft spot for this novel.
    1. I really like all character in the novel. Their personality are a little cliche at times, but it's not a bad thing since the author didn't make it the main attraction for the series.
    2. The novel is episodic, but the character from previous episode still show up. It make the world feels more connected together
    3. The topic/plot was quite diverse. This is the first jpn novel I read that mentioned about immigrant workers from SEA.
    4. No fanservice chapter.
    5. We got several arc that focused on side character.
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November 24, 2021
Status: v1 illustrations
I will preface this by saying that this is one of my favorite light novel series. I originally watched the anime and when I found out there was a light novel series I had to read it. There are many differences between the anime and the light novel, mostly in terms of the time line and some minor bits of plot, but it is a great series overall. Below I will review the characters, plot, and general enjoyability of the series.

Narumi: ... more>>

Our main character who is a bit of a loner that never really bothers to make friends as he is always transferring schools. As the story progresses he grows as a person and finds that he has a variety of skills that could make him a fairly successful member of the darker side of society. Specifically he seems to have skills to rival a professional gigolo, sharp observation skills, strong money management and math skills, a natural ability to lie, and the ability to read and empathize with people. While there are a few love interests in the book, only really one of them is ever explored.



Our other main character and the primary love interest. She is a very petite girl with a unique body due to reasons explained towards the end of the series. This unique body and her past has resulted in her having many weird habits such as practically living on Dr. Pepper and only sleeping a few hours a day. She is the main unifying force between all the characters and typically gives them their marching orders.



She reached out to Narumi and introduced him to Alice and the rest of the gang. She plays a pivotal role in several of the books, mostly when the drug angel fix is brought up. Sadly due to various circumstances she becomes more of a side character worrying about Narumi and the others when she is reintroduced to the series after the events of the first volume and the initial angel fix incident.



She owns the ramen shop below the apartment where Alice lives and is something of a mother figure for many of the characters. She scolds them when they do dangerous things and watches over them trying to correct their neet ways. Her family background is explored later in the series and has major implications to the overall plot of the series.



He functions mostly as the muscle for the group protecting the group and fighting off troublesome opponents that get in the way of solving mysteries. He is a former boxer who for medical reasons had to retire and he spends his free time gambling.



A military otaku who makes several gadgets and helps with information gathering via listening devices and the like. He has his story expanded later in the story when his highschool days are expanded upon.



Provides most of the transportation for the group and is a womanizer and gigalo. He has a crush on Min and constantly tells her that he will give up on his ways if they become a couple



A young lower level yakuza group leader who gathered up the local ruffians in town and put them to work. He sometimes provides transportation and muscle while solving cases. He has a secret skill of sewing that he refuses to let his men know about and presents a very rough attitude not being afraid to hit people. Initially he didn't like Narumi but eventually grows to depend on him and his intuition and skills.



More of a side character who has a bit of a crush on Narumi after a case involving her father that the gang solved and rescued her father from.



Former partner and leader of Yondaime's group. He only appears in 1 story as a antagonist.


I will try not to spoil too much here as the joy in any series is reading it for yourself. That being said the plot in this story is always solid with clever tricks, Narumi's intuition, and the skills of the Neet detective agency shining through.

Volume 1:

A drug called angel fix is circulating through town and leading to people dying. The neet detective agency takes on the case to track it down and end the distribution. Narumi becomes entwined after meeting the neet detectives thanks to Ayaka and joins their group once it becomes clear that she is somehow involved.


Volume 2:

Meo's book. Meo, a young Thai girl comes to the neet detective agency with a job. It seems her father has run into a bit of trouble with his company that helps women immigrate so that they can work as prostit**es. Due to a scheme he uncovered he has been taken hostage so that the money that was being embezzled can be retrieved by the yakuza.


Volume 3:

Ayaka returns and Narumi asks Alice for her help in solving a mystery within the gardening club that him and Ayaka are a part of, so that he doesn't lose his and Ayaka's place. This story explores the background of Tetsu.


Volume 4:

This story explores some of Yondaime's background as his former partner comes back into the picture to ruin an event that Yondaime is setting up for an up and coming band. Past grudges and misunderstandings come back from the past.


Volume 5:

A collection of short stories that involve the various characters of the neet detectives.


Volume 6:

This story is mainly about Min and her family. Her cousin is trying to force her to marry him and Hiro won't stand for it asking the neet detectives to destroy Min's wedding and rescue her. There is also a short story at the end about a member of Alice's family, about the only member she has any contact with, and his retirement from being a gigalo.


Volume 7:

This story explores the past of Major and deals with the death of a homeless man living in a park that is being developed. Why is the homeless man so stubborn about moving away from the park, how did he die, and why is major and his past involved? All that and more in this bittersweet story.


Volume 8:

More of Yondaime's background is explored with the introduction of his parents and his family history. Alongside this the angel fix drug has resurfaced in town and Narumi refuses to tolerate its existence after the tragedy it caused the last time.


Volume 9:

The final volume explores the family and history of Alice. This story does an amazing job of wrapping up everyone's stories and even explains why Alice has such a unique body.

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