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What does “being perfect” mean to you? To Hashidate Yuuto, it means everything. All his life long he strived for perfectness until a single incident occured in middle school that ruined his plans of being perfect: He pooped in front of the whole class and parents. Believing, that his reputation was destroyed and that he would never be able to reach perfectness anymore, he wished that the incident never occured. This is when a mysterious Goddess named Maki offers him a button that allows him to go back in time.

Based on the popular Vocaloid song “” by kemu.

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Life Reset Button
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
12/30/14 soup fanclub c6 part2 + afterword
12/28/14 soup fanclub c6 part1
12/17/14 soup fanclub c5 part2
12/14/14 soup fanclub c5 part1
12/01/14 soup fanclub c4 part2
08/24/14 soup fanclub c4 part1
08/05/14 soup fanclub c3 part2
07/19/14 soup fanclub c3 part1
07/05/14 soup fanclub c2 part2
06/24/14 soup fanclub c2 part1
01/15/14 soup fanclub c1 part6
12/15/13 soup fanclub c1 part5
10/18/13 soup fanclub c1 part4
10/06/13 soup fanclub c1 part3
10/03/13 soup fanclub c1 part2
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