I’ve Been Reincarnated, So I’m Going to Try Trading With Earth by Myself. -TS Magical Girl and Game Loving Adventure Story-


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I was a high school boy in Japan, but I reborn as a girl in the different planet called Maldea.

As I grew up while studying magic. I find out how to travel from Maldea to Earth.

However, the Maldeans recognized Earth as a “barbaric planet” and completely ignored it.

I am the only one who wanted to communicate with Earth, so I had to go to Earth alone and communicate with them.

Then I became very famous as “The first alien wizard in history”!

This is a story about a reincarnated “girl” who brings magical items to Earth and sells games to other planet. Also it is a story about going around the earth and saving people using magic.

*TS is the abbreviation of “transsexual,” katakanized toransusekusharu トランスセクシャル. TS is pronounced thii-esu ティーエス. Aka genderbend.

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転生したので、たった一人で地球と貿易してみる ~TS魔術少女のゲーム好き冒険譚~
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Scholek rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: c57
A bizarre and silly but pleasantly comedic story has appeared. I was drawn by the odd premise and found myself greatly entertained by a story that absolutely abhors being overly serious.

The main character is energetic and hilariously disappointing as a person. Many of the supporting characters can be described with some combination of the words unpretentious, easygoing, odd, fun, tr*shy in a funny way, and misunderstood or misunderstanding.

This story is a little carefree bundle of fun and chaos.

... more>>


This story is full of nonsense. People who can't handle a story being ridiculous and nonsensical will probably feel their brains dying and complain. What do people expect from a story where a magical reincarnated alien girl's greatest desire in life is to play earth video games? Lol <<less
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Trolltractor rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: --
The writing is very poor. I stopped after the first paragraph on the second chapter. The writing consists of "I did this, I did that, I am here", which shows a lack of understanding on how to build a story.

This type of writing needs to be in the appropriate context, for example, a primary school writing assignment, a text message with limited data, or a journal where you really cannot be ****** writing but for some reason you have to.

It's a shame, really, because some people come up with ideas... more>> which could work well, only to butcher any form of possible enjoyment they might have exploring that idea with poor writing skills.

Whilst I have seen far worse pieces of writing than this, I'm rating this a 1 because of the strange fetish some people have with rating everything they read with words in it 5 stars. It's probably a 2-2.5, or if you can get over the writing, possibly a 3 (if you are wasted at the time). <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: 108c
Reviews are subjective same with the rating, and I rate it (8/10) 5 stars because it's good.

This novel is unlike the usual isekai/reincarnation which is either focus on fighting, adventure, food, or revenge. This one is about cultural exchange of two planets. Yea, just a simple story about that. If you're looking for a serious and big plot with very flesh out character then you will be dissapointed on this, as this one is not that kind of story.

Honestly, the synopsis above is more like a background of the real... more>> story. This is about how our MC new planet will be introduce to entertainment and some things from what they call "barbaric" Earth. Even I, didn't like how the story flows at the start. Who's any sane person will allow some non-adult inexperience in negotiation person to go on Earth alone and negotiate. I have some doubts at first that I will find this idiotic.

Until I found that this is not that type of story. It's a comfy story, the one you read while on you're bed or drinking coffee. The reaction of people from otherworld who is new to games is refreshing. Our MC's goal is spread video games in what she call boring world. The Earthlings realizes that the people of the other world has no interest on Earth as the technology there is much develop with magic. So they treat the MC with respect as she's the only connection they can communicate between two world.

Well enough of some background. But the thing that I like this one is how the people in the other world are becoming entertain and surprise at the new things they found. Like how they celebrate when they just did something amazing in game, their reactions, and others. Same with the people of Earth who idolize the now cute alien that come to their planet.

So if you prefer story like this, you'll surely like this. And I can't stop smiling while reading this btw. <<less
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Duckfero rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: c103
This novel is truly unique and original! I really enjoyed this novel a lot, it's so interesting!

The MC died on Earth and got reincarnated in a fantasy world. She notices that she can go back to Earth but no one care about this "inferior planet who keep doing war and polluting the planet". After some talk, she become the ambassador between Earth and the Fantasy world, but they don't want to give any budget and let her do whatever she wants. So MC want to bring video games to the... more>> fantasy world to show that Earth is still interesting.

What I liked:

- The MC spend 50% of the story on Earth, and 50% in the fantasy world.

- The MC can use magic on Earth and quickly become very famous on the internet.

- The MC actually open a youtube channel to post some video about the fantasy world, about herself, or about some magical moment.

- We can read the reactions of the citizens in the comment after each video/tweet.

- The MC save a lot of people on Earth thanks to her magic and it's video-recorded most of the times.

- The MC is very nice and like to help people, but still very strong (she is pretty much invincible on Earth, even gun can't hurt her) and not s*upid.

- The MC use her magic power to help humanity to survive natural disaster, and to fix the pollution.

What I didn't like:

- It tends to become a bit repetitiv. Between chapter 20 and 100, it's pretty much the same kind of plot again and again: 1) She goes in a certain country on Earth. 2) She save someone or do some magical stuff. 3) It was recorded and uploaded on youtube and everyone is saying she is amazing. 4) Policemen find her to protect her (she is an ambassador) and escort her to see the king/president. 5) MC talk with king/president, then go to the United Nations to sell magical stone and magical bag. 6) MC go to Nitendo's headcarter in Japan to buy a stock of Switch. 7) MC go back to the fantasy world. 8) MC sell the game to the fantasy world and the citizens test it and react to it. 9) Back to number 1. --- And we we got this kind of plot again and again at least 6-7 times for 80 chapters.

- There are a lot of stuff that are ignored. For example, in reality, if an allien came here, Earth would be super careful about disease and stuff, but it was never mentionned here. There is a few other things like this that make the story less realistic.

- Also, the author never mentionned scientific research. The government never asked the MC to put some sensor in the fantasy world to probe the atmosphere, the gravity, etc. The MC could have helped for scientific research and it would be a good trading between the two planet. But no, the MC only import games, and export magic stone and magical items.

- Some scientific stuff are wrong. For example, Earth and FantasyWorld are in 2 differents galaxies, but Earth managed to contact the fantasy world. How?? Radio waves goes at the speed of light, and the others galaxies are farther than 1 million of years at the speed of light. How can Earth give an answer in 2 hours?

Overall, the story is still amazing. I liked it a lot despite the obvious flaws. You need to turn your brain off and ignore some minor details and minor plot holes, then you will enjoy it. Also, the translation is amazing (I saw the difference when I went to the raw with google translate LOL). <<less
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Topgun19088091 rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c35
A very wholesome story of how an alien planet gets introduced to Earth's gaming culture.
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_MaLinTooTs rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c107
I feel like the reason why I like this novel is nostalgia.

The way the characters feel when Lina releases a new game is how I remember feeling like when it was released when I was a child. Making it feel like a fun trip in the past.
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K4ZUYA rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c44
I'll just be blunt

first, it is literally like the synopsis said, trade magical items to earth and brought games to the planet

therefore it would probably boring for those whom not a gamer, but if you liked a story concept like this, it's pretty nice, what kind of impact of the trading? What will happened to both planet? The gender bender itself not really showed up (yet??) right when I'm writing this review, you know the cliché of gender bender

but as a gamer myself this is pretty enjoyable, and pretty nostalgic
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LittleFox21 rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c34
This is a weird isekai-modern day reincarnation slice of life where MC can be said as a boomer otaku who has an excellent career in her alien world but decided to branch out. Story so far is light hearted and comedic, but far away from reality. I like the idea of mishmashing all the genres and reversing them with some fun little ideas thrown in, but at the same time author doesn't really care about flowing storytelling and just write whatever they want. So far no dangers involved but social... more>> life is very shallow. No character development either up to chapter 30-ish.

It is an okay read for someone who's looking for easy to read no brainer title to kill time in between, but not recommended for those who is looking for realism or people with high standards of writing skills <<less
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saibinu rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c45
I'm sorry about it all.
The character could be interesting. A former earthling who is reborn in an alien world and then begins to explore Earth again. Right? She could be an interesting character.

The concept is great, the execution not so much. The worlds of science and magic meet. They don't mix or assimilate with each other, they just meet as two separate existences. Right? Great story base and opportunity. One world breaks down prejudices while the other shows more understanding. Getting to know each other's cultural differences. To know... more>> the life of the worlds and its inhabitants. How fates and attitudes change. Right? A story like this wouldn't be bad, as long as it maintains its lighthearted style.

But unfortunately, that's not what we get. There is a lot of inconsistency, and the representation is naively childish in many places. I'm sorry, because it could be a great story. <<less
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dmonjunkie rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: c55
your average japanese high schooler dies by truck - of course he does, what else could've killed him?

after the obligatory traffic accident, he's 'reincarnated' on another planet - one which has solved world peace through... get this, magic! the inhabitants of this mystery utopia eventually find some unknown rockheap in the middle of nowhere, called earth - only it's seen as a barbaric land where humans murder each other for fun. can't say they're wrong!

well, our main character, after his parents just... accept that he's a reincarnated human from this... more>> place, manages to become the sole ambassador to earth, as no one else is willing to bother to go there. he does this by trading magic stones - these things do quite literally anything your mind tells them to, and are seemingly an unlimited resource, for get this - video games! main character, before getting crushed under the pavement by that truck earlier, was a total game otaku in the 90s, and finds that the one thing his utopian friends could use is a gaming addiction!

that's what I know anyway - fifty ish chapters in, main character is creating miracles on a whim in third-world countries, all with the power of these do-all magic stones. the idea's nice, but when it goes on for so long without anything going wrong, or really, any conflict at all, it gets a bit stagnant... the whole reincarnation trope with your memories in tact thing is a bit wack to begin with, and the only chapters I look forward to are where MC interacts with his (her? yeah, this is a genderbending story by the way, but that goes almost entirely unused as there's a fifteen year time skip at the start) old family and friends, which happen every once and awhile, but aren't exactly the focus and that turned me off a bit. overall, it's nice, but a lack of any conflict really hurts the story's integrity. <<less
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