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Yuuki Akatsuki was in a strange place when he woke up

「Where’s this?」

「This is the God’s world♪」

This is a story of the protagonist reincarnating in a different world and having fun

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Different World Reincarnation ~Let's Enjoy the Different World Cheat~
Isekai Tensei ~ Cheat de Isekai o Tanoshime ~
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10/05/18 Novel 44 v3c4
08/21/18 Novel 44 v3c3
08/19/18 Novel 44 v3c2
02/24/18 Novel 44 v3c1
10/23/17 Novel 44 v3 prologue
10/04/17 Novel 44 extra 9
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10/04/17 Novel 44 extra 7
09/24/17 Novel 44 extra 6
09/15/17 Novel 44 extra 5
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08/27/17 Novel 44 v3c3
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08/03/17 Novel 44 v3c1
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ReadAllTheThings rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: v2c15
No character development, no suspense, no challenge, no relationships, no anything really. Just a poorly written MC who instantly kills everything without any effort. Horrible dialogue, one dimensional characters, and short chapters that are often filled with stat/skill dump lists.

Don't waste your time.
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pdaangsakti21 rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: --
Nope. Not worth your time.

Like the title suggested, it has nothing but broken cheat in another world. No plot, no development, no thrill, no comedy, no relationship, no emotion, no personality, no story line, nothing. Not recommended for teens and older.
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January 31, 2016
Status: v2c15
As of end of volume one, better rename the series to Isekai Spreadsheet...

Relatively short chapters composed of mainly a mumble jumble of (so far) redundant stats/skills.

Can't quite find a single, notable redeeming aspect in the whole of volume one. The writing simply comes off as immature and cliché, similar to what someone in the first half of their teens would write.

Update: Not really seeing any improvement in the second volume, recommended for those in the early years of elementary school. Ideal example of how not to write a web novel.
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DaBlizz rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: v3c1
To be clear, this novel (if can even be classified as one) has no relation to the manga of the same name. So don't even bother if you think you'll be able to read ahead in that story.

I have read this up to the latest update, and I still am wondering why I read past the fifth chapter. Most of the chapters are either a) lacking in details necessary for plot buildup, b) spreadsheet simulators, or c) the MC stating he did nothing important in the matter of one paragraph... more>> or less. All of which have very hard-to-follow, poorly thought-up dialogue (if it is present at all).

On the bright side, it was a fairly easy read if you solely take into account that it took me about thirty minutes to read two volumes including a bathroom break and getting food.

EDIT:: (After some searching I found the light novel linked to the manga, but it has no translations as of yet, so don't be too dejected) <<less
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ryuuseigami rated it
February 22, 2016
Status: --
[i read it till v2c5]
ok... it’s not OP MC but broken MC~
[lv1 = HP&MP 10 billion, STR, AGI, etc 99999+ (+ cause MC also have [Limit Break], so the actual value is more than 100K?) as if that’s not enough MC have ALL skill available? with max+ lv]

it’s short for each chap, so far I can’t find an interesting aspect [leaving aside how theres probably no significant development for his Stat as his stat is basically already MAX+] theres also no relationship development so far...

Drop it... -_-
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October 4, 2017
Status: --
I'll just say it, but wow, this novel (If you can call it that) is probably going to end up being the worst example of writing a web novel. If you feel OP MC is dumb, this novel makes them feel normal and reasonable.

Chapter length is extremely random, next no development, MC goes straight to god. If there was any novel on which to say to newbie writer not to do, it would be this one, absolutely this one.
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Almighty Xen
Almighty Xen
February 11, 2016
Status: --
i’m new to writing reviews on this site, so forgive any inadequacy, but I must say, the pacing is possibly the worst I've ever seen. especially the beginning, when MC is growing to the age of ten. I felt that the “growing-up time lapse” reminds me of fast-forwarding a movie, instead of skipping to the good/important parts. for a while, every chapter is a year in MC’s life, but is only about a page long. and as far as I remember from these chapters, his first ten years of life... more>> were boring as hell. they could probably be sumerized with:

MC met an old man with same powers as MC.

old man taught MC about how to use his powers.

MC learned I guess.

old man dies as prophesized at begining. MC leaves village.

story start.

... except the pacing only improves a little after that. it seems extremely rushed overall.

also, the parental figure was literaly disposable. he was hardly a character, and more like just some old guy who says words.

oh also, MC is conveniently a master of like, a dozen martial arts or something for some reason, despite being rather young when reincarnated. if you want something like this, but less bad (pretty good even, in my opinion), check out The Man Who Was Picked Up By Gods.

wow, that was longwinded! it might even be longer than one of the chapters depicting a year of the MC's childhood! <<less
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February 10, 2016
Status: --
you thought seito from TDADP or rou from remonster was op?
say hello to this guy.

i dont know if this novel should be taken serious. Since it is quite short. There is barely any delovpment in how he meet the characters. I feel there no personality in the MC. He is quite emotionless. Like a robot. The humor is barely any I felt.
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