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He Yishu, the god of learning, transmigrated to the interstellar era where rune card masters and mecha warriors were respected. Everyone thought he was a loser because of his weak mental power and physique. Until one day, he inadvertently saw the famous work of a senior rune card master.


That thing that seemed like a ghostly charm seemed to be …… Chinese characters?!

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New JaqiONwbqi rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: dropped
God MC loves to talk. All of his face slapping is literally a 7-12 sentence long paragraph where he for some godforsaken reason decides to put lawyer level debate skills against people who are using pre-school level tactics against him.

At this point it just feels like a way to constantly throw in our faces how smart and cool MC is - when in reality it just makes him feel real f*cking lame to be responding to such simple bullying with a literal essay.

I mean. Look at this example,

... more>>

He Yishu's tone was too serious and earnest, Len slightly flinched, his momentum also dissipated a lot: "This..... It's certainly unfair, what else do I need to point out? You don't need to use fancy words, in short, it's because of you I lost such an important opportunity!"

This time He Yishu was really angry, who gave him the courage to say such illogical words in such a tone?

"First, when we reason, we often use objective arguments, not subjective ones. I hope you can understand this. Therefore, it's not that you think it's unfair, it's just unfair, so we need objective evidence to support this conclusion, otherwise the conclusion itself is not valid, "He Yishu looked at Len with a serious expression as he spoke sternly. " Just as I now think that your behavior has constituted libel against me personally and the college system, it's not just that I think so subjectively, but because I can objectively determine that you think it's unfair. However, your highly subjective remarks definitely point out the unfairness in this matter, which obviously constitutes as defamation."


And this is the shortest example I could find! face slapping is cool but this isnt even entertaining. It just feels like reading an internet argument between a troll and an angry redditor, with MC being the angry redditor.

Another amazing example of MC pulling out his prewritten debate to read


After looking at him for a long time, it was He Xiaochen who finally withdrew his gaze helplessly, he raised his hand and rubbed his brow, then looked at He Yishu, "He Yishu, I apologize for Tingting's thoughtless act, I hope you can stop bothering with her."

He Yishu listened with a sneer in his heart and snorted, "Although it's not quite appropriate, I still want to ask one question, when you graduated from your previous primary school, did you really pass the language subject?"

This question was completely out of He Xiaochen's expectation and came so inexplicably that he was unable to react for a moment: "What did you say?"

"It's true that I shouldn't say this so bluntly, but there's really a big problem with your ability to express yourself, " He Yishu analyzed it in an organized manner with the attitude of discussing an academic issue, "First, you obviously have a deep understanding of the word 'thoughtless ' This word has a deep misunderstanding. Previously, He Tingting loudly slandered me in front of the entire professional classmates, saying that I cheated during the entrance examination, and even filed a report for this. This matter cannot be thoughtless, no matter what angle you consider. Of course, if you can prove that she has certain mental or psychological problems and sometimes can't sort out her thoughts and can't control her behavior, this is something we can discuss again." Here, He Yishu paused slightly and smiled at He Xiaochen before continuing: "Second, since the person who made the mistake is He Tingting, and she is now adult enough to be responsible for her own words and actions, she shouldn't act like a coward and beg her brother to take the blame for her mistake, such behavior is not only meaningless, but also makes others think that He Tingting can only do bad things, but doesn't dare to take the consequences. Of course, you can also say that He Tingting didn't ask you to come, and if that is the case, I should criticize you properly. Since you are He Tingting's elder brother, you should be older than her, so you're already an adult, right? As an adult, you actually jumped out and admitted your sister's mistake for her without her permission, isn't this the same as telling everyone that your sister made a mistake but didn't take any responsibility? Even if you hate her, you don't have to set her up in such a way, right? And if you didn't set her up on purpose, then it only shows that you are completely ignorant of the truth, isn't this strong evidence that you didn't learn the language subject well?"

He Xiaochen didn't expect that his simple sentence could be mercilessly torn apart by He Yishu, his expression darkened: "I didn't think so, I just..... "

"Look, you even interrupted me directly without waiting for me to finish speaking, this impolite behavior of yours has hung one more evidence against you, " He Yishu unceremoniously interrupted He Xiaochen's explanation and accused him in a serious manner, "And the last point, you said you hope that I don't pursue it, if I understand correctly, your words have clearly constituted a slander against me. Now that the matter is over and He Tingting has been duly punished, why should I bother with her? By saying this, you seem certain that I will definitely go after He Tingting because of this matter, which is deliberately slandering me for being calculating and holding grudges, I can report you for this." After saying that, He Yishu glanced at He Xiaochen, who was so angry that it looked like smoke was on the verge of smoke coming out of his head, and added: "However, this point doesn't prove that you didn't learn the language subject well."


And thats not even the end of that 'debate'! he keeps going! is this not overkill? A side character asks him to forgive another side character in 14 words and he constructs a whole counter argument spanning 11+ sentences and nearly 700 words?

Its just... lame. Thats what it is. Its so overkill it feels like hes trying to show how intelligent he is by completely ignoring what a concise and intelligent response would be - you would think a study god would be able to summarize the main points but no. God knows how he managed to stay within the character limits of any school work he had.

Give him a fedora and a neckbeard and he would quite literally be a keyboard warrior. <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: c20
I decided to give this novel a shot, although it already had a less than average rating, which I sadly have to confirm. I think there are many better stories with the same basic settings.

I do actually quite enjoy the tropes this novel includes. With all the tropes face slapping, s*upid cannon fodders, MC being OP, etc. It includes, I thought it should be an average read.

The revenge and face slapping part was already, up to c20, quite over the top.

MC being in university has reported student after student for slander to the university and made them loose credits over sometimes minor annoyances, childishness or seemingly spontaneous outbursts.

So unexpectedly for me the face slapping part in this novel was sadly not very enjoyable.

I have to detract another star for the above plus the fact that there is no tension in the story. I don't know how to explain this aspect very well. But essentially I'm not sure what this stories or the MC's goal is. Normally there'd be a goal whether it's improving academically or just earning money doing your job, a romance interest or otherwise.. I feel the MC doesn't really have much ambition nor does he run into any difficulties. Example:

ML (being the super talented guy he is) randomly offers MC a part time job, for no reason other than him having a good impression and wanting to help. That's fine until you consider that the both of them don't know each other, that job makes MC essentially ML's partner (so this job is quite exclusive) and MC is only a freshman with close to no knowledge while ML already is in 2nd year.

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BlackSesame rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c10
I've only read a few chapters, so I don't know if it get's better, but in my opinion this novel is really boring. The characters and storyline are nothing new and the cannon fodder characters (which there are a lot of them) are all just plain s*upid. A story that is based on the MC counterattacking brainless people is an absolute no go for me personally. Two stars for being barely readable if there's really nothing better to do.
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: c103
Since this novel is overly concerned with 'logic' and evidence, I shall endeavour to list the reasons why this novel is tr*sh in a systematic and objective way.

... more>>

1) The author describes the MC as a "learning god" but never actually say what he was a learning god of. As for calligraphy, that was stated as the MC's hobby.

2) The cards gimmick is never delved into with any type of depth. Why are they necessary? How do they work? They don't seem to run on spiritual power because the MC has none. So are the words themselves spells? Then why do they need a mecha to activate? Why does a mecha enhanced by spell cards not fall apart since when moving beyond capacity. Why do you need a mecha to use summoning cards. The author never explains any of this and only tells us this is the complicated setting we are meant to believe.

3) Not only is the main gimmick not explained in enough detail, but the MC is never decribed beyond "Oriental teenager" - if this novel was written by a Chinese author the racism gauntlet would have been thrown. No characters looks are described much beyond the ML's eyes being green, you can guess the hair colour. And another character being blond. The MC is also not the only "Oriental teenager" around.

4) The MC goes off on bizarre tirades that last paragraphs explaining to other their logical falacies, because wasting time on minor grievances and petty nonsense is supposedly both smart and logical. This is a world with a "perfect" report system, which one would expect to deter foolish behaviour, but no.

5) Not only the MC, but many other characters talk about logic and reason in a very bizarre way, while doing very illogical things.


In conclusion, the MC is seriously unlikable, and doesn't seem smart at all. He despises other people as not being good enough. And with a little success becomes vain and egotistical. <<less
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User.948761 rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I was initially worried because of the poor reviews but honestly the story wasn't bad. Also it was super easy to read thru mtl - the translation only really screwed up names occasionally and perhaps a few phrases but overall readable.

This story is great for people who want something super fluffy. The relationship between the MC and the ML is like that. Ofc as standard, there isn't huge depth to the story or relationships. Like the ML basically falls in love at first sight with MC lmao. It's overall easy... more>> cruising for the MC. But it was cute to read.

I know some of the other comments complain about the long winded logic and school complaint system used for face-slapping but it really isn't terrible. You can always just skim if anything.

Just keep in mind to keep expectations low. Personally there is enough world building and details to make it enjoyable for me. But if you want densely packed worldbuilding and realistic relationships, don't expect that. But this is on trend with other "transmigration interstellar MC is super skilled at whatever is key for that world" fics I've read. If you enjoy stories like that, then I'd say give it a try. <<less
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hanarealbess rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c24
I’ve been trying to power through but it’s been a struggle since the beginning. It’s fine I guess that the entire point of the book is so the MC can face slap and be op but there has to be more than that. The only character I liked the MC talked sh*t about and then he was never mentioned again. We barely get to see the MC and ML interact even tho they work together. The MC and ML trust each so much so quickly that it’s mind blowing especially... more>> since the MC literally told another character off for something similar. I can’t get through anymore 😭 <<less
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cosmicimmortal rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was okay, an enjoyable interstellar read overall. The MC using his knowledge of Chinese characters basically becomes an op spell carder.

The novel is then a series of face slaps and counter attacks to every person who slights the MC in any way.

If you like that sort of novel you will enjoy this very much but it can get excessive at times. Sometimes I even doubted if the MC really did have the moral high ground in each encounter.

The romance was so-so but there was some cute and fluffy... more>> moments.

Overall an average read. <<less
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Common_people rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
A fast food. Fast track. The face slapping & romance thing pretty fast. The MC is clear& OP, very good at talking black and white like a debaters. He give me a white evil lotus vibe in the Canon fodder rebirth or something. The ML is a wife s*ave. So, for me.. All of this is pretty common, no hurdle, even the romance just so so, plot hole here and there. But I like how the MC just so clear About what he feel.
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FlowingWater rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: c28
Honestly the plot is a little bland. There is not major conflict and things get resolved pretty easily within the next few chapters. However, the relationship of our main couple is nice and very sweet. I did love that portion where the couple feed netizens dog food for at least ten chapters. The netizens' reactions were very adorable.

MC's face slaps are mostly verbal. MC pulls out college lvl debate skills to a child's arguement, so it's slightly fun to watch but also bland.

MC does question why/how chinese characters are somehow... more>> within the cards, but the novel never clarifies a reason.

Also, MC reveals his transmigration rather quick and ML takes it in stride. Doesnt make much of a difference to the plot, so weird it came up. <<less
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AriaSoul16 rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel consists mostly of MC taking revenge against scums and faceslapping the villain. I like the way MC uses words to fight, refute accusations and win any arguments. I also like his opinions and principles. The romance is not displayed as passionate and fiery but it is a heartwarming one wherein it is as natural as breathing. It is full of fluff. I also like how they can be jealous, especially the ML, but do not cause unnecessary or undeserved harm.
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Apy fizz
Apy fizz rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: Completed
If you like face slapping this is the book for you. MC keeps on slapping people left right and centre.

Although all enemies of MC are just small cannon fodder with no fighting chance and storyline feels unrealistic. Like MC getting no backlash for his arogant actions and open use of military intelligence, especially from netizens.

But my heart which yearns for scum abuse is satisfied to max.
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