In The Midst Of An Intended Marriage With My Time-Limited Lover


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What do unmarried women need most?

A Powerful family? Higher Education? A Close Friend?

No, it’s money.

Ines Elrdin is a successful investor.
She has the ability to see the misfortune of the people who come in contact with her.

One day, while she chased money with the ability to see other people’s misfortune, it suddenly disappeared!

In order to regain her ability, she must come in contact with Callard Arcidion. the master of the magic sword.

“I found it, my luck.”

And thus, Ines’ obsession with Callard begins…

Just in time, a proposal is sent from the Marquis of Arcidion.

“Please marry me!”

The person who sent the proposal was none other than Callard’s younger brother.

“When would be a good date for the engagement?”

“If the Lady doesn’t mind, I’d like to get married right away…..”

Ines tapped the armrest with her fan.

“The person I want to be engaged to.”

Ines nodded at Callard, who was sitting far away.

“It’s not you, but your brother.”

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I'm Unmarried with a Time-Limited Lover
시한부 연인과 비혼 생활 중입니다
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Smaforte12 rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: c1
She’s a money digging who*e of a FL and will probably use and abuse the ML to her advantage. It’ll show a “eat or be eaten” kind of atmosphere. ML will be emotionally scarred due to the c*nty FL, who’s a narcissist, at some point, she’ll start to fall him and have to make a SUPER difficult decision between love or money... Yeah, no thanks. FL sounds shitty as f*ck. The author sounds like he holds a grudge against females.
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