In Another World With Cats ~ System Engineers Analyze Lost Ancient Magic Theory and Bring About a Revolution in the World of Magic Tools


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“Soso,” “fairly good,” “so-so,” “not bad”…

Matsumoto Isamu, 34 years old (divorced once), graduated from a mediocre private university in the provinces and got a job at a decent major SIer (System Integrator) company in Tokyo. He works as a SE (System Engineer). If one were to describe his life up until now, these words might come to mind.

However, his “so-so” life, which he was spending as usual with his beloved cat Orihime (a British Shorthair), ended suddenly one day.

Isamu found himself transported to another world, where transmigrants frequently visit. There, transmigrants, with their unique powers, are taken in by noble families in a protective manner, learning from past tragedies.

However, when it was determined that Isamu didn’t have usable skills, he was cleverly refused by the marquis family, who should have originally taken him in. Instead, he ended up being taken in by a poor viscount family.

This is a tale of a man who, surrounded by his beloved cat and the warm-hearted people of the viscount’s household, combined his divine-like skill with his knowledge of programming to revive the theories of ancient magic and became a revolutionary in the world of magical tools.

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異世界は猫と共に ~システムエンジニアは失われた古代の魔法理論を解析し、魔法具界に革命を起こす
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2 Reviews

Mar 07, 2024
Status: c34
Misleading title. "Cats" while there's only one cat.

World of developing technology based on lost magical science, sounds good but then comes author's attempt to explain how it works and how it doesn't work. I can, for the love of Bastet, not understand anything lmao. Not because it's gibberish or badly written but it's kind of how R&D technician guy tries to convince non technician plebs about new tech's technical ideas. Technically this should deliver the technical terms I want to convey.

It's an interesting read. Nothing overbearing, none of the OP... more>> bullshittery. MC has cheat but interestingly he still needs to explore his cheat in form of... Yeah, those magical technology R&D. 4/5 because cats suddenly gone from the story <<less
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Apr 07, 2024
Status: c50
It’s a pretty interesting story about a guy being isekai’ed into a world that uses magic (copied from artifacts of an older civilization), but they don’t actually understand the magic they use. Our MC uses his programming knowledge/logic to deduce, understand, and then improve the magic in the world.

However, there are some issues with this story.

The first thing you notice is that everyone is overly formal. The dialogue between 2 characters reads like they’re sending business letters to each other.

The next problem is that I feel like the author doesn’t... more>> do enough to explain why no one else was able to improve magic. Like seriously, all he does is compare different magic circles to decode their meaning and teach people to reword some magic chants. The story tries to explain it as his skill, but I feel like people would have been able to make major advancements just through trial and error. <<less
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