I’m Very Strong, I Know


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Zhou Ruiyi got a boyfriend from the dance academy.

The little boyfriend is of Chinese-French mixed descent and is incredibly attractive.

Today is their first anniversary, and knowing his partner likes romance, he booked a candlelight dinner, holding a big bunch of roses big enough to hide a person, and drove early to wait at his boyfriend’s school gate.

While waiting, he didn’t catch sight of his boyfriend, but was instead tackled full-on by a bloodied zombie.


Zhou Ruiyi × Bai Yunlai


One-sentence synopsis: My partner is super strong too

Theme: Only by striving together can we create a beautiful future.

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Fanya rated it
May 19, 2024
Status: c5
So far not bad for a zombie novel. Relatively reasonably character development, it's only 5 chapter so they only set the scene so far and the couple have a healthy relationship. So far doesn't look like it'll be something amazing, but will be a nice read that deserves more than the 3/5 star currently on it. If it does take an amazing or horrible turn, I'll update the review accordingly, lol.
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