I’m Trying to End This Possession


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Yeon Dana, who possessed the body of ‘Danae Windsor,’ knows that the only way to return to her original world is through the dimensional gate.

However, she gave up on returning because her loved ones cried and clung to her just before the gate that opened once every 100 years.

* * *
Three years later, All those who held onto Dana have changed.

“I have no intention of breaking our engagement. But I do plan to marry her as well.” Her fiancé, shamelessly committing adultery,

“It was just a joke, you know? I didn’t think you’d actually not go back.” Her younger brother confessed he held onto her as a prank.

“Did someone tie you up and prevent you from leaving?” Her cousin mocked her irresponsibly.

“The dimensional gate has closed. Dana, you can’t leave now! So, adapt quietly to this world!”

But Dana knows. She knows how to end this possession and return. Briefly saddened by the betrayal of her love, Dana burns with rage, preparing for revenge and escape.

These b*stards deceived me.

Really. This time, she wanted to live a good life.

You guys touched the wrong person.

She decides to return to her original world. At the moment, they believe Dana will stay by their side forever.

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나는 이 빙의를 끝내려 한다
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