I’m The Only One Who Doesn’t Know That Villainess Is Man


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Fortunately, it’s still in my childhood day’s, not to severe yet. To prevent worsening of condition, I must stick close to treatment, the villainess Rachel.

“Never come near me again”

”I hate noisy and chaotic things”

”We don’t need that , so just leave”

…..well, it’s not easy to stick by sharp tongued villainess. Still I destroy the original work diligently to survive. But it seems we couldn’t completely avoid the original work, and we have to part away.

Ten years later. The caring villainess sends a handsome bodyguard, worried about my safety.

”You’ll make my face explode. Have you fallen for me”

But this man somehow remind me of Rachel. But his personality seems different …. Maybe it’s just my imagination?

….Or so I thought.

”So are you going to have contact marriage, you’re holding the hand like this once you’re married.”

As I stutter in surprise, he closes the distance between us. I can feel his breath.

”You should also kiss.”

His face up close is clearly that of man’s.

Could you do this with someone else.

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t he supposed to be villian?!

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악녀님이 남자인 걸 나만 몰라
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