I’m Dating a Cool Girl From a Benefactor Who Picked Me Up, but She Seems to Like Someone Else, so When I Ask Her if She’ll Break up With Me, She Acts Weird?


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Sato Masaya (age 15) had a not-so-good family environment.

There, he was taken in by the president of the Wakata Zaibatsu group for helping them, and was accepted to a high school run by the zaibatsu group.

From there, he and Wakata Mirei, who was going into her second year, were forced to date by the president’s idea.

However, they did nothing couple-like in high school, and rumor has it that she likes the captain of the same club.

So I…

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lvlHive rated it
December 21, 2022
Status: c9
The girlfriend goes from apparently verbally (and maybe physically) abusing and indifferent to the MC to all lovey dovey sorta stalkery vibes the second the MC asks if they want to break up. The only part that I really liked was when she actually made it super clear that she liked him the second he expressed his doubts instead of brushing it off or going full tsundere but other than that this is basically just your average everyday Slice of life romcom. Except for ... more>>

The part where she hired private detectives to follow her boyfriend and then kidnapped the kid who was bullying him, tied him up, imply that she ruined his family buisness, and dumb him on a crab fishing boat.

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