I’m an Old Adventurer at the Bottom, and When I Took the Plunge To Quit the Party That Looked Down on Me and Became a Freelancer, I Was Treated 3000 Times Better – I Want To Live a Relaxed and Fun Freelance Life in a Different World!


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“Eh? You want me to take on a request now? There’s no way I’d accept, right?”
Tatsuya Ono (35) had been in another world for half a year.
The first party he joined was a bust.

“Old man, go do that.”
“Old man, you’re really useless, huh?”

Even after being transported to another world, his days were spent being mocked and treated as an errand boy by the younger party leader.

Although the reward money and experience points were supposed to be shared, Tatsuya hardly received any.

In such a situation, Tatsuya wondered to himself.

(Is this really okay?)

Thinking so, Tatsuya decided to leave the party and become a freelancer.

“You, being useless as you are, will still be useless no matter where you go. No one would entrust you with jobs, old man.”

That’s what the leader said to him, but once Tatsuya started working alone, he began to grow remarkably.

In fact, this unimpressive “old man” (Tatsuya Ono) was a character who, if nurtured, turned out to be surprisingly strong, something you might see in a game.

Eventually, Tatsuya started receiving enough job offers to be selective, and he rose to become a world-famous freelance adventurer. When Tatsuya did jobs with “Japanese quality,” the bad guys around the clients somehow ended up destroying themselves, and a spiral of gratitude towards Tatsuya began to form. Despite just doing the jobs he wanted in a laid-back manner, Tatsuya somehow started to be treated like a hero.

And then, good people began to gather around Tatsuya, and good things started happening to him, while the leader somehow ended up losing everything on his own.

“I’m just working in a chill and fun way, you know?”

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March 14, 2024
Status: --
It's one of those stories where things keep falling into place in a convenient manner.


Leave the party. First kill with 10x earning. Take out a few more, receive a balance breaking skill. Save someone then pretend he's not interested. Destroy boss with balance breaking skill. That person that he saved is actually up there in society. Receive 10x his day's earning for rescue while pretending that it's too much...


It might get better, but I find these kinds of stories annoying
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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