I’m a Villain, But I’m Favored


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I died at the end of an overtime shift due to overwork.
My last words were, ‘This fxcked-up world can go to hell for all I care!’

Who would have known?
After that, my second life began in the game I was playing.

God apparently had some conscience left, and I was given a rare ability.
I thought I could live an easy life with the ability to read information from targets.


[To the player who wished for the world’s destruction after experiencing such great trials, hope is given. The system will assist the player in creating a ‘ruined world.’]

Bring about the world’s destruction.
– Reward for success: Divinity acquisition
– Penalty for failure: ???

How could my life here be fxcked-up, too?!

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악역이지만 편애받고 있습니다
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1 Review

Dec 04, 2023
Status: Completed
The story was pretty good, until the romance became more prominent and ruined everything.

What I didn't like:

    1. I don't really like how the FL is trying to save the world instead of destroying it, following the system's quests. Even more so when the rewards for destroying the world is better than saving it. When I read the summary I thought it was going to be a villain MC story. It was misleading
    1. I feel so bad for the numerous men who gets their heart broken by the... more>> FL, all because she's dense and have no boundaries. I really hate this type of MC.
        1. There's a background character I really hate :D. Like girl didn't learn her lesson and still did the same thing?!

          FL's friend Lyra got kidnapped once because she decided to take a short cut to go home. And guess what she does again? Going into another dark, eerie alley to use a shortcut :D Genuinely, I want to curse her out so bad. Girl really didn't learn her lesson. And she even had the audacity to pray that the FL would save her?! (Like the first time) I got triggered somehow, lol

        1. I REALLY hate how the author portrayed the romance in the later stages. Ok, sure, there's 2 male interest for most of the story revolving around solving disasters. But then they kept adding more? And the worst thing is that because the white hair guy is clearly the male lead, they had no chances since the begining so it seems like they are just there to suffer an unrequited love.
        1. The way the author write about the relationships between characters irks me. Like someone appear for a few chapters, before disappearing for 50 or so chapters and reappearing? I had to force myself to remember who they were.

          a boy MC will adopt (kinda?) He was barely mentioned than suddenly he was adopted? I didn't even know who he was cuz MC never interacted with him directly except for like 1 sec but then she brought him home and let him live in her house? What-

          and her friends too. They were very present in the earlier chapters but they gradually disappeared and somehow their friendships remained even though they haven't seen each other in months (a lot of chapters later)
      What I liked:

        1. The plot twist was so good?!? It's a bit hard to understand since I MTLed it but it solved the biggest mystery
        1. The ML was so cute at the begining, being such a simp for the FL but then it kinda derailed... Well in my personal opinion.
        1. The FL is very smart and is able to solves all the problems that come her way disasters. And because she also despair like a normal person, she doesn't seemed too OP (hell, even the system ability has downsides so the author did a great job at balancing her abilities).
        1. I liked how foes (kinda) become friends later on. I didn't expect them to be on amicable terms but somehow they are at the end?

          at the start their relationship (between MC and princess) wasn't that good because princess wanted the throne but MC didn't agree with it (I think. It was at the start so I don't really remember) and then MC did some stuff that made the princess distrust her, but then once the MC helped princess to overthrow the emperor their relationship became better and at the end, after the main story stuff, she even acted as a wingwoman or MC and ML by making romance opportunity (like introducing a (BRIEF) love rival for MC)

      All in all, I'll say this novel is pretty good and the romance is cute (?). It definitely is more developed in the last few chapters, along with many, many broken hearts... I really pity the second male lead (even though he tried to kill MC - there is a valid reason like saving the world ahem and kidnap her he was broken hearted ok especially when the MC kinda led him on). If not (ignoring the romance), it is a very interesting read on saving the world and finding loopholes in the system. Everything is also pretty much explained, so there isn't a lot of loopholes plot wise

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