I’m a Shy, Loner Guy Who Is Now Being Pestered by the Beautiful Girls I’ve Known Since Childhood. These Girls Are Former Idols and the Most Beautiful Girls in School, but I’m Distrustful of Women, so of Course I Ignore Them …… Yandere-Ization Is Bad


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The main character ….. Saeki Yui has been a high school student since April.

But in the first few weeks of his enrollment…… , he did not try to get involved with anyone.
Therefore, he was already a confirmed gloomy loner in his class.
But that is what he wanted.

“I don’t trust real people anymore. My hope lies in …… two dimensions.”

The main character was abandoned by his family (stepmother and stepsister) three years ago, which caused him to completely distrust people as a high school student.

But …… then his childhood friends, who used to be close to him, appear.
After three years, he meets them again, and they have all turned into beautiful girls that everyone is attracted to.

A former idol who suddenly retired, the most beautiful half-girl in the school, and a beautiful girl who is a very popular streamer …….

These beautiful girls with superb specs have actually been thinking about the main character for a long time.

And because they haven’t seen the main character for three years, their feelings for him have become even stronger,…….

In short, the girls were originally Yandere, but after three years of maturation, the concentration of Yandere has become very high.

As soon as they meet again, they will use their good looks to come on to the main character. ……but

“If a beautiful girl like them were to try to make advances on me, who is a gloomy person… There’s no way something like that would happen in real life. There’s definitely something behind it. I won’t be fooled again…”

The main character, who distrusts people, thoroughly ignores the attacks of the beautiful girls.

As a result,……, the concentration of Yandere among the beautiful girls he has known since childhood breaks through the critical point,…….

The main character, who is unaware of his distrust of humans, and the beautiful Yandere girls who are his childhood friends begin a slapstick love comedy!

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1 Review

New Redmi
May 14, 2024
Status: c19
This kind of novel screams for a low-dogmatic MC, and as of chapter 19, he is still one, although the current female lead rattles him greatly.

Because of that, this novel has a provosional ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating from me.

But if the state of MC's mind changed, and I have seen enough that that may happen, this novel will go down the toilet very quickly. Why? This is because I have seen enough that the author did not have the skills to manage a potential MC's transition from a low-dogmatic state to higher... more>> states of mind. <<less
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