If My Extremely Good-Looking Best Friend Becomes My Lover, My Heart Will Burst If He’s More Passionate Than I Expected


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My best friend, Rioto, is an extremely handsome guy that everyone turns their heads to. Due to his serious personality, he will go out with them if someone confesses their feelings for him, but it doesn’t last long because his facial expressions are dead.

Although Kai likes Rioto, he intends to keep his best friend position and take his feelings to his grave. However, Kai, annoyed at Rioto, who has always been girls’ prey, finally confesses to him, “Will you go out with me, too?”

Despite Kai’s expectation of rejection, Rioto’s answer was a willing yes.


This is the story of two university students who have known each other since childhood and are flirting while having slight differences. It’s a romantic comedy type, so you should be able to read it quickly.

※ An extremely handsome man who realizes that he wants to monopolize the person he likes (Rioto) x A caring, slow in love (Kai)

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some lemonade
some lemonade rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Short story, but nice. Two boys (Kai and Rioto) who've gone to school together for a long time: one has a secret crush on the other, but this other boy has a face of ice and can't say no. One day, they start going out.

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Seriously, I really liked how in chapter 2 it is shown that Rioto was interested in the MC as soon as Kai declared his love for him. It's kind of obvious that he already liked Kai.


To be honest, I wish I had more of them. It doesn't seem enough. For curiosity. <<less
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