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We find Chunwha in a world beyond his own. There he will struggle to find his own purpose among the many inhabitants of the new world including elves, dwarfs, and even mages! As we watch him grow in strength and spirit.

To find out what fate has in store for our hero, follow Id in a fantastic adventure, exploring a world where anything is possible.

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10/11/17 HeroicNovels c40
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10/04/17 HeroicNovels c38
10/03/17 HeroicNovels c37
09/28/17 HeroicNovels c36
09/26/17 HeroicNovels c35
09/23/17 HeroicNovels v1c34
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09/16/17 HeroicNovels v1c30
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09/08/17 HeroicNovels v1c26
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April 7, 2016
Status: --
I am a huge fan of the manga, though I started off with the first chapter of the light novel. I was sincerely disappointed that the author went bankrupt but thankful that he at least left something behind. The characters, comedy, and plot line will keep you on your feet and begging for more. If you want absolute mental breakdown from the discontinuation then this is the place to be. Although the light novel is probably not going to be translated due to the discontinuation the manga has almost 200... more>> chapters. <<less
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NeoPhantom rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: --
Ah... ID. I remember this old tale.

From beginning to end it was an epic tale of a pretty girly guy from another world with a pretty silly personality yet misterious background that slowly presents itself in flashbacks.

An awesome tale is made even more awesome with the CORRECT use of a gimmick that usually destroys most tales: time travel. That arc was most epic as it gave us needed backstory to many villains as well as why IDs name was so well known when he invented the name on the spot.

I... more>> wont go into other details except one... Dwarves have a very strange sense of beauty... The young knights are SOOOOO cute, but treated harshly. The queen is... MANLY... With a beard... and seen as the most beautiful by all dwarves...

Sigh... I nearly cry when I remember this and the fact its discontinued, but its a must read! <<less
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animanaicT rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
I loved it korean martial fantasy meets and fuses with magic. I loved the fights! But with a hiatus I just don't see to many people willing to pick up a story that probably won't get a ending. ID The Greatest Fusion Fantasy... I'm just gonna wait here patiently.
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Elminster rated it
November 27, 2016
Status: --
Id is one of my absolute favourites and I am very happy somebody picked it up, even though it's discontinued. The comedy is strong with this one, and martial arts parts are exciting and feel unique. Characters are well written and evolve as the story goes - they are easily likeable as well. There is actually a story behind the fighting and adventuring - a good one, too. I think it's more than worthy enough to read even though we won't know the ending - but doesn't that add a... more>> mistery veil and magic to the experience? <<less
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The one who loves stories
The one who loves stories rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: --
I LOVED the manga and after reading it to the discontinuation I kept checking for new chapters like every week for a year just for the possibility that it was continued. I liked that ID was OP but not too much, like he could smash an army of mob chimeras but then there were epic battles with Chaos's gang. Also that the author let us understand that there was a reason for what ever Chaos was doing with the chimera army and it wasn't just the same old "because he's... more>> evil" plot. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: --
Perhaps one of the greatest stories and ahead of its time! This happen before the time Isekais or CNs became popular. A Xianxia-ish MC travels to a world of fantasy. Many readers fail to realize this back then when the Manga was popular. Maybe because it wasn't a thing back then.

I can only imagine how great the Novel is, but we never get closure since it's all been discontinue. It's a real shame honestly. I want to see at least more of the Author works..
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ptbptb rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: c38
This is a decent story, but very little action happens in the first 38 chapters. I like the characters and the 'girl face' problem the MC has is quite funny so I would give it five stars if the plot starts taking off later. :)
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