I, Who Was Demoted to a Potion Factory, Was Kidnapped by an Elf and Became an Alchemist in a Desert Country ~Even if I Was Told to Go Back Now, My Beautiful Sisters (Elves) Wouldn’t Let Me Go~


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Julius, a court magician, was a genius who had mastered teleportation magic. However, since the war is over, he is now relegated to working in a potion factory.

His story changed when he was abducted by an elf girl.

“Kukku…… I’m sorry, I’m not an alchemist. I’m just a super-elite magician!”

“I’m not mistaken… Now, the production of potions in that country will come to an end…”

This country has high quality potions only because of Julius, and now that has been lost. Julius is the best alchemist. So I abducted him. Please, help us.

The leader of the elves says she will give him a bride, so he accepts their offer without complaint. Thus, a he started a new life in the desert country Shambhala.

The prototype potions that Julius made became complete recovery drugs called elixirs.

On the other hand, in his home country, the potion supply deteriorated sharply, and a pinch was about to come to those who had treated him coldly.

Loyalty to the country has run out. The Oasis and his wife are dazzling, so I don’t feel like going home anymore.

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I was demoted to a potion factory, but I was abducted by an elf and became an alchemist in a desert country. ~Even if I was told to go back now, my beautiful sisters (elves) won't let me go.~
Pōshon kōjō ni sasen sareta ore, erufu ni rachi sare sabaku no kuni no renkinjutsu-shi to naru ~ ima sara modore to iwarete mo, bijin shimai (erufu) ga hanashite kuremasen ~
Pōshon kōjō ni sasen sa reta ore, Erufu ni rachi sa re sabaku no kuni no renkinjutsu-shi to naru ~ imasara modore to iwa rete mo, bijin shimai (Erufu) ga hanashite kuremasen ~
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