I was Planning to Suck Up to the Villain, But… ?


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“Let go.”

“No way! Divorce was never an option!”

“You were the one who wanted freedom. Why do you suddenly not want it now?”

“Freedom is great, but…”

I love money. I want to be married to a rich husband and live off of him for the rest of my life!


I died of starvation because I had no money, but when I woke up, I found myself in a novel as the villainess.

But I have no skills, and to make matters worse, while the villainess was trying to flee after stealing her wicked husband’s jewels, that’s the time I ended up possessing her!

As a result, I received a divorce request, and I was even imprisoned somewhere… Wait a minute, is this a labor camp?

If I get divorced, will I have to live like this forever?

“No, I won’t get divorced. Never.”

I’ll stick to my rich and handsome husband and never let go!

Associated Names
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Are You Planning to Take Advantage of the Villain?
I'm Planning on Taking Advantage of the Villain
I'm Planning on Taking Advantage of the Villain, But...
I Plan to Suck the Villain Dry
흑막을 쪽쪽 빨아먹을 계획입니다만?
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Starlight97 rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Story is nice, cliche and light read.

FL is smart at first half and her interaction with ML is so funny and new but when she realises she loves him but he doesn't (as she thinks) and ML also does the same rant again and again.

The love me and love not rant is frustrating.

Crown prince is tr*sh. He's such a punchable character.

All in all its a nice one time read.. start is new and fresh... lmao the FL has to go through so many dead endings.
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mapthesoul rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: c111
It's pretty typical in most ways, classic misunderstandings and building tensions. The resolution at the end felt kinda rushed and I wish we had more POV chapters from ML. But I was specifically looking for one of these predictable kind of stories, since they require little to no brain power and it helps me unwind from real life stress lol

ML goes from borderline cruel, to thoroughly confused and bewildered, then charmed, and then damn he falls hard.

FL is a spunky kind of idiot. She's reckless, but since there's no like... more>> mean thoughts in her head, she comes across as charming. Also I've never met another character who is so obsessed with food. The majority of her internal dialogue starts or ends at steak.

Their interactions are a lot of bickering, and occasionally one of them actually gets their feelings hurt. Then they make up and do it again in the next chapter. Nothing gets to heavy, and the spiciest it gets is a kiss.

A pretty light and easy read, 4 out of 5. <<less
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