I Was in Love with You at That Time


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At the after-party following the coming-of-age ceremony, I reunited with a close female friend from middle school with whom I had lost touch.

We reminisced about the past, discussing candidly the things we can only talk about now and our regrets.

Even now, she remains a friend with whom I can have open and honest conversations, but we couldn’t quite align when it really mattered.

Romance is nothing like the world of fiction, with its highs, lows, and dramatic resolutions.

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moosemax rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: Completed
A bittersweet story about teenage love that never bloomed. The choice of growing up and choosing the present and looking forward to the future rather than being held back by the past.

I am judging the FMC as a desperate woman.

Her first love with the MC failed and got in a relationship only because the man is persistent. In the real world, we can deduce that an overly aggressive suitor will very likely have bad intentions. She then got cheated on and never learned from it. In college, she got pregnant and the man tried to run away. For what I assume is her fear of being left alone, she didn't disagree with their parents' agreement to have them married to save face. Unsurprisingly, the coward turned out to be a cheater too and she divorced someone she should never have married in the first place. She shamelessly tried to get together with the MC using their past feelings instead of putting an effort in the present to make him like her. She proceeded to have more children with men who eventually left her instead of learning from experience. Her safest and best bet is to focus on her self and her child but I assume her loneliness got the best of her.


I feel like the ending is the best it could be for the MC but I get why people disliked this for how it turned out for the female lead.
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