I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]!


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Takefu Yoshiaki, an ordinary office worker, is summoned from modern Japan to another world. However, Yoshiaki, who was only caught up in the “Hero Summoning”, is branded as incompetent by the king and is punished!

While the heroes are attacking together, Yoshiaki decides to use his special skill, [Market]! And then there appears ― Simon, a shady looking arms dealer from the Earth (and a drug addict)!

After negotiating with Simon, Yoshiaki somehow manages to escape his predicament with a pistol (a Spanish copy of the M1911) and an automatic rifle (AKM).

With nowhere else to go, Yoshiaki finds himself helping a young dwarf girl named Mirril…?

Yoshiaki’s encounter with Dwarves, Beastman and Elves, all of whom have been oppressed by humans, forces him to make a decision. He will make full use of the power of the [Market] and arm the sub-humans with modern weapons from Earth!

The legend of the man who would later be known as the Demon King begins now…!!

Associated Names
One entry per line
I do shopping in the Black Market of the Earth
【完結】マグナム・ブラッドバス ―― Girls & Revolvers (spinoff)
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New pondernyaissa rated it
April 22, 2024
Status: --
The first arc is nice, if you turn off your brain and pay no attention to anything but the final battle and the weaponries. It’s pretty cool.

The rest and everything else that happens after is abysmal. The axed is justified. There’s no stories to tell here, everything just kinda happens, is what I’d sum this up. You know it’s pretty bad when you want to see more of the black market dude than the rest of the casts and even the main character.
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z3ta311 rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c33
up to ch33

good premise, amateurish writing and bad translation.

I like the premise, it is simple and straight in your face, nothing complicated at all, but the pacing of the story is quite rushed, as well as inconsistent characters. Example: ... more>>

the protagonist killing people without blinking by the truckload and then gets nervous when the battle happens


All in all, subpar writing even by WN standard; for the LN version, I have no comment since this isnt that one.

to top it off, the "translation" is nothing but straight up unedited MTL so read at your own risk. <<less
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hawlol rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: c55
This is a good isekai. MC is neither a loser nor an edgy mu*der hobo.

Yes, they kill thousands and thousands but it's in a war scenario and mostly in defense and rescue missions. They want to free ens*aved people and stop their annihilation by oppressive forces. The MC is overpowered with the black market skill but how else would he win a 100x30k war?

The idea of elves with snipers and dwarves with machine guns is also novel to me.

It stubs a little in the harem aspects as usual with isekais... more>> while the villains are too dumb and uni dimensional to my taste, so I won't say this is perfect, but it's a good read for those who like isekais but not how they are usually done with overly beta or edgy MCs.

Definitely not deserving of the current 3.9, though. This deserves more recognition and is as good as GATE. <<less
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XAgathE rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: c319
This one have more realistic psychology reaction if you are in situations like this. I think it's normal for you become anti hero Looking at the situation where 40 people including you went vs against 30, 000 troops. Think this better than sissy novel who where hero nearly Escape from death only because of luck and plotarmor. Straight forward is the best (Isekai life is cheap)

StrangerA: hey.. You drop my ale.. Die (pull sword and Slash it)

Stranger B: what.. !!? (Slashed and die.) x_x
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guih34 rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: c43
This is a subpar novel without brain MC for plot

... more>>

The MC goes crazy on guys with guns and escape the castle, otherwise he would've died, which is fair, but as soon as he gets out, he goes to war he has no interest and supply the other side with heavy weaponry and kill tens of thousands in like a week, wtf?


There's no reasoning, whatsoever, he simple does because ''happens'' and goes all mu*der hobo arms dealer and whatnot and barely feels anything about. Another huge plot hole is the reason the protagonist was treated as tr*sh was because his sh*t job and low stats, yet by chapter 30s he has over 5 'jobs' and hundreds of stats.

Read this novel only if you are really bored and like guns without thinking <<less
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Tenome rated it
July 2, 2023
Status: c44
A bland read. The first 40 or so chapters are just them fighting the Kingdom's army with modern weapons, so it's a one-sided slaughter. The Kingdom is full of morons and they charge right in, so they all naturally die. The MC is a doormat and kind of a dumbass. I got bored after the fight ended and dropped it there. There are plenty of better "modern weapons crush medieval armies" stories you could read instead. Seeing as how the LN was cancelled after one volume, Japanese readers seem to... more>> agree.

The translation is fairly rough. Awkward lines, overly literal translations. Someone else said it's an edited machine TL, which wouldn't surprise me. <<less
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Deadmantellnotales rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: v4
I really liked the novel. The MC is not a doormat and is ruthless, it's pretty hard to find a novel where MC is not a doormat. The side characters are also good. though it said that it was a harem, till now there has been no other harem, the 2 other girls (a tiger girl and an elf) are... let's just say comrades, The MC did say that he want an adventure isakai life with a harem but till now it's not achieved because he's busy with taking care... more>> of idiots trying to destroy their settlement. He does love that dwarf girl myrril and they confess each other love and she calls herself his wife. So I think the harem will start after some time since there is a polygamy tag, till now there's no harem and the author notified there will be one countless times in the novel.

The novel is kinda unpolished like any other WN but it's not bad, I will recommend this one. <<less
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gautam1989 rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: c10
The premise of a Japanese salarymen getting sent to another world and becoming the savior of oppressed demihumans has been done before but this takes the original premise of introducing modern weapons into Isekai in an innovative way. The author's done his research into guns and ammo and modern military equipment and there's an interesting mechanic behind how MC's power works and how he's able to buy and sell stuff to the 'arms dealer' he summoned.
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dragonulera rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: c44
Just don't.

To sum it up, the story is forced, the characters are shallow and the protagonist is a disappointment.

The only reason I am writing this review is to release all the frustration I have accumulated.

... more>> The plot concept is good, but the author throws out the window all the incredible development that could be used in the early stages of the story. Maybe later, the author wakes up and improves the plot, but I am not going to risk to lose any more brain cells for the 'possibility' of improvement.

The plot execution in certain moments is too forced. Too forced!

  1. Protagonist gets summoned and sentenced to death because of how useless his skills and stats are (ok, that works)
    • But here the author forces the execution where the protagonist, the weakest of all the people in the audience room, manages to run around unimpeded, stealing, disarming and undressing the people present with his inventory skill. (WTF? where did the power of the royal knights go?)
    • Not only that, everyone that has suddenly been left naked, is suddenly shy and can't do anything because they are embarrassed that their g**itals will be seen... seriously? Are those royal guards, who's role is to protect the king, some sort of decoration? Aren't they veteran fighters that are supposed to put their life on the line to protect the royalty? (I know why this s*upid thing has been done, because the author wanted to add that 'phimosis' joke or something. Utterly distasteful)
    • I get that the protagonist was 'allowed' to steal the stuff to get some starting money so he can buy his weapons from the [Market], but it could've been done better.
  2. The protagonist reaches the sub-human settlement and he is quickly accepted after giving the people weapons
    • What pisses me the most is how quickly the sub-human people threw away all their hatred towards the human race, and gave the protagonist an exception, because he is special. Seriously! WTF?! They lost so much, so many people, so many loved ones and have been persecuted for so long and they suddenly trust the protagonist in exchange for some weapons? After a few days?!!!!
    • Heck, the author adds an elf to make a comparison. Although the elf comes from a region that had supremacy views, the people in the settlement were still keeping a distant attitude towards the elf that was trying to fit in. Even after 45 days! WTF?
    • Should I take it that being supremacist is way worse than committing genocide?
  3. The war starts and the author tries to show the horrors and effectiveness of modern weapons. Then the hero comes.
    • The protagonist has the 'brilliant!' idea to fight the hero, with a modern weapon, in close quarters... let that sink in.
    • The protagonist has access to deadly weapons that can even kill a dragon that has never been defeated before and he decides to go and fight someone who specialises in close quarters combat? Really? WTF?
    • I get the idea of personally killing the hero, but why in close combat?!!! WHY???!!!
    • It is so frustrating that I honestly have no words.
  4. Romantic relationships?
    • Protagonist is a doormat. He has no will. In fact, I can't see a shred of his own will throughout the whole story. He goes around being led by others or his emotions.

There is no need for the author to add attributes to the status window, as no matter how high they get for the protagonist, he will still be the weakest. I think that the author is trying to show that the protagonist has grown from killing so many people, but there is no concept of how the stats go up and why. They are just random numbers given by the author.

The characters are shallow, so don't expect anything from them.

Even to this day, I don't understand why the Japanese novels like this trend of having protagonists that have been treated like tr*sh, have low esteem, act based on feelings, and radiate with 'humility'. Is this trend used to appeal to people that are actually in this situation in Japan? Is it because readers like this kind of protagonist? Or is it because it makes a good template from where the protagonist can grow?

I don't know, but I don't think there would be answer that will make me less disappointed.

Looking at the reviews that praised this story, I question other readers' sanity. Really.


  • Plot concept 5 stars.
  • Plot delivery -1 star.
  • Forced execution -1 star.
  • Game system useless -1 star
  • Shallow side characters -1 star
  • 100% frustration -1 star
  • 100% waste of time -1 star
Outcome: -1 star <<less
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bozakir rated it
March 2, 2023
Status: c121
I have this slight suspicion that some of you just have mu*der fantasies. And since you get to live those through this MC, you lot are giving this novel slack it doesn't deserve. Because MC is a doormat and loser. He is a stereotypical MC surrounded with women of questionable age and he doesn't get to refuse them once. His only difference from regular Japanese MCs is that he mu*ders people. He mu*ders them a lot.

As for story, it's bad. Author doesn't know what to do with all the mu*dering.... more>> So one chapter you get super serious (but inherently bullshit) excuses like "this is a world if you don't kill your enemy your friends will be in danger" from dwarf subhuman girl, female lead, who created advanced weaponry for the evil kingdom that suppresses subhumans. Or it's treated as a joke "haha people are leaving the capital because of MCs curse haha", said curse being MC dumping dead bodies en masse and committing biological warfare for drama. As such, it's author eating their cake and having it. One chapter MC faces horrors of war, results of his actions then author gets bored, MC goes whatever and ignores it.

Honestly, this is a "don't think about it" story. The more author tries somber vibes the more you think about it and the more you think about it the worse it gets. <<less
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RedCobra75 rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: c133
wow I have found isekai hidden gems.

yes the premise is very generic got summoned and almost get ens*aved, but keep reading the story turn very interesting very quickly.

The story turn into very cool about War, Small Guns, Big Guns, Extremely Big Guns, Love The Guns, Cultured Guns, Tanks & Roket launcher and masacre those bastard evil empire.

if you like not naive MC, become the demon lord, MC very aware his surrounding, similar to gate series / military stuff in isekai and war ? This is for you.
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DonS rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: c3132
I was surprise that this novel finaly got translated. If you're 'Release that witch' or 'Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival!' fan you'll also love this novel. The old army using sword, spear, bow and arrow vs WW2 to modern weaponary such as rifle and machine gun. The WN is already finish at chapter 413, so it all depend on the translator on how fast we can read it to the end. Also I give this novel 4 star because there is few choices that make me go 'Why do you... more>> do that!?' or 'Why don't you buy that weapon/vehicle instead!?' It's a small pet peeves as a guy that know modern weaponary. Also, shout out to NyX Translation for the great translation. <<less
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